Virgin Post

This is my first time posting on WordPress (been a blogspot supporter), after an almost 10 year hiatus.

I’m 23 going on 24 this year, currently in between jobs, another saying for unemployed and am living in sunny Singapore. I love reading (le bf calls me a bookworm and am the residential walking dictionary), speak 3.5 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish and Italian according to fluidity), am a University undergraduate for Tourism and Marketing,  and greatest love yet, Ballet.

In 2 weeks time will be my 2 year anniversary to the reintroduction to Ballet. Reintroduction you say? Yeap, REINTRODUCTION. Its actually kind of a family joke, since i actually started ballet when i was WAAAY younger, say about 4-5 years old? Meaning i had pre-primary training, but i stopped. not because the classes got cancelled or that my parents could no longer afford it, but because classes was changed to Saturday mornings and i was too friggin’ lazy to get up! Yeap, so if I were to say, continue and have not stopped, i would probably be a teacher by now. Way to go, past me. So I can say that i qualify to be called an adult beginner right?

I’ve recently did my Grade 8 RAD exam which really left me on tenterhooks the whole time I was at the exam venue. Talk about actually being able to warm up to the place was bullshit in my opinion. I would say that i could have done so much better if i was’nt so nervous that I feel like I’m about to pee in my pants (or tights) every 5 mins. I did do CSTD grade 4 (which everybody say its a great jump since its equivalent to jumping 6 grades?) about 2 years ago, but it was NOTHING compared to this past exam. Stressful? But of course. Worth it? DEFINITELY. This past experience has not only allowed me to make new friends, but also understand myself, physically and emotionally better.

2 more weeks till term break ends, and I’m already itching to get into them pointe shoes. Intermediate exam this time? I sure hope i’m ready, at least if le teacher aka le Godsis says I am.

So to end this, two last questions which every aspiring ballerinas will ask: Jumper or Turner? Definitely Turner. Adage or Allegro? Adage is the bombdiggity!

its 2.30am and i’m out!