Braceface Day 3

Ok, maybe i was too gung-ho in the beginning. Totally regretted saying that it doesn’t work. I woke up on the 2nd say to a shredded mouth and soreness beyond words. I couldn’t handle anything more solid than mashed potatoes, so have been on a liquid diet for about 3 days.

I know the whole deal about having to put orthodontic wax when a particular bracket is annoying, but thing is, I can’t figure out which exact bracket it is!

And the soreness, oh my gosh, the soreness, i had to sit through seeing my boyfriend and friends chewing burgers, fries and steak while i ate only mashed potatoes. On a positive note, I can kinda feel the teeth moving, which means all this pain is going to be worth it. So i got that going for me, which is nice.


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