Braceface Month 2 and 3

Ok, I get it. I totally forgot to blog about my braces. Honestly, I’m so used to it that I actually forgot that they were there. Even the last braces appointment didn’t hurt. I was bracing myself, as winter is coming, having to be on soft diet, the few days after tightening, but that, luckily didn’t happen.

I did, however, manage to see the face of my ever enigmatic dentist! To be honest, i have never seen his face as it was always hidden behind a surgical mask. Then i had to ask him if diving would affect the braces, with regards to air bubbles and shit. Paranoia much? Pardon, but i needed to hear it from a real dentist!

So here are the colours I chose for month 2 and 3. I especially loved the sky blue for month 2, but sadly, it started changing colour halfway through the month to mint. Although I am personally not a fan of both red or green, I chose it for month 3 in preparation for Christmas! So now, I have Christmas in my month, and i get to celebrate it for a whole 6 weeks!


I really can’t wait for the 2 years to finally be over!

Anyway, I was reading up about recent trends in China, and read that teenage female Chinese nationals are taking to wearing fake braces! Talk about weird. But yea, apparently, braces are deemed as a status symbol in 21st Century China as only the rich are able to afford them. These fake braces are available everywhere, not only at the orthodontist, however, there has been numerous health reports due to unsuitable wires used, causing sores and many other orthodontic conditions.

Anywho, shall sign off now, till next time!


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