American Horror Story: Freak Show

I have been quite late in watching the new season of AHS, judging that I was a fan. However, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds and The Big bang Theory had demanded much of my attention, it’s no wonder why i started on AHS late.

So i started watching the new season of AHS; Freak Show, two nights ago, and have gone into six episodes so far. I had so much expectations as AHS Season 3, The Coven, was fun, sexy and filled with suspense! Who has what magic abilities and ultimately, who will be the next Supreme??


However, Freak show has been more of a little sigh on a big yawn, more so than the first season, which i personally thought was boring.

*Spoiler Alert*

After watching six episodes of it, I still have no idea what the direction of the show is going. I have no idea what the main plot is, despite the many colourful and interesting characters. Yes, their back stories are sad, and maybe, there are some politics going on about normal humans vs freaks. But still??? Not even an underwear wearing, knife wielding killer is going to salvage this plotless show.

Like, what is even the point of Twisty the clown? He was a great character, with a heart breaking past, but he was killed off way too fast!


And everyone knows someone with a name called “Dandy” is going to be a killer sooner or later, what more with a mother who turns a blind eye after finding out her son has killed their maid.

Don’t get me started on Jessica Lange. She has been a great actress for the past seasons, but with Freak Show? I catch myself scrolling through Facebook every time I hear her sing with that German accent, and she sings waaaaay too many times, it’s starting to feel like a musical.

So far, I can say, it has not been an exciting journey for me. I will however, keep faith in the directors and hope there will be more roller coaster rides, like the other AHS seasons.

signing off.


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