Goodbye 2014, 2015 is my bi**h now

One would agree, that 2014 has been terrible so far, and boy am I glad that its over. Though I have gained many, others have lost greatly. 2014 is for one, the worst year for aviation history, as well as for Malaysia. From MH370 being lost and not found till now, MH17 getting blown up over Ukraine, flooding in Taman Negara, Malaysia and now the AirAsia flight crashing at sea, killing hundreds. The Ebola outbreak has reached a death toll of thousands, followed by Typhoon Hagupit in Phillipines, leaving thousands homeless. I have to be really grateful to Singapore, for being my shelter despite all the resentment and culture dilution.

Much condolences to the families of the victims, my heart goes out to you guys.

However, the new year is coming in less than 24 hours. My company felt that it will be a good idea for all staff to do a short write up of their achievements for the year 2014 and resolutions for 2015, and for me to take on the futile task of creating a yearbook. Cliché much? Baby I know. Resolutions are mostly broken by February. However, I can’t help being sucked into the fun of creating resolutions. So here are mine.

Achievements for 2014:

1) Getting my PADI Open water


2) Done with my RAD Intermediate foundation examination


3) Tried white water rafting and having a split second near-death experience for the first time in Bali10882105_10153414296077586_1513727325332670125_n

4) Tried night diving, sighting a shark and swimmming alongside a turtle, also at Bali10377537_10153404521772586_699372990608726651_n10858470_10153404524662586_3284937792939999018_n

5) Did Parasailing, without puking at Boracay despite the motion sickness and height phobia1450880_10152411739937586_1598087870_n

6) Landed a job with the position of Marketing Manager

7) Organised events, created advertisments, and emceed for all of them


8) Tutoring a science student, from a fail, to a pass, and now distinctions (he has been my greatest achievement as a tutor). Not forgetting my other students who also improved tremendously this year.

9) Braved through 4 tooth extractions, cuts from braces brackets and cut down on sugar intake due to braces

Goals and resolutions for 2015

1) Get a payrise, duh

2) Master Adobe Photoshop

3) Getting my Advance diving cert, hopefully not puking bucket loads again after the night dive

4) RAD Intermediate exam, also means, getting off my lazy ass to stretch and practice. Higher penchée and triple pirouttes! Or maybe a clean double =(

tumblr_mjvkbidx4D1qiji8to1_400 tumblr_mog28xsCBG1r0z1h8o1_500

5) Learn a 4th language, probably french, so I won’t spend half a minute thinking what is my feet suppose to do during an entrechat quartre, and end up doing a changement battu. Anyone who ever got confused over the difference between a coupé and a cou de pied will get me. Honestly, Ballet terminology is too darn confusing, or maybe its the age catching up bring up the speed to petite allegro and i’m a lost child in a supermarket crying for mum.


6) Getting organised. Friends and family who have been to my room has repeated told me that my room is mess and a petting zoo in the making. But the question is, do i really need that circa 2000 posters and magazines of Britney Spears? Hell yes. So, maybe i should start small, like throwing away the pile of wrapping paper stash I had going since 2010.


7) Travel more and dive the world! Or at least South East Asia

8) Graduate and get my double majors Bachelors

Last words before i sign off, I wish everyone a great year ahead, keep chasing dreams (Disney much?) and try to at least keep to your resolutions till March =p

Till then, keep sparkling and see you in the new year!



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