First Ballet Class for 2015

How I Wish I could tell you that I have achieved a clean double pirouette or something, but that does not seem to be the case. Woke up with a cold and a scratchy throat, but still, I promised myself that I have to start the year right. Getting my attendance up, that is.

When i arrived at the studio, woah, the lobby of my dance school was just huddled with throngs of people. From young girls prancing around, to parents of said young girls trying to get attention of the receptionist. Even the floor space was congested. Everywhere on the floor were just legs, shoes and bags. Much to my surprise, there were a lot more people in my class than expected. After much gossips with my classmates, it was then I found out that there were some that came over from other classes, mainly from the Grade 5 progression class or something, which is mainly the open adult ballet class. Why the Grade 5s were with us, I have no idea, but I’m not complaining, since at last, there was a guy in our class! *squeals*

To tell you the truth, having a guy, donned in white shirt, black tights and black soft shoes in class, was quite a sight to behold! Not to put it in a bad way. The mentality of the male population in Singapore has always viewed Ballet as something feminine. Something they would not want to be seen doing or go near within a 10 foot radius, or it will be a shot to their masculinity. I have always preached that the manliest guys are guys who dance, but even my own boyfriend, beg to differ.

Nonetheless, stretching has somehow been incorporated with barre work and I find myself having terrible back aches the very next day, woe is aging. The teacher these days seemed to be really into penchée and arabesques and anything back breaking.

Picture from google images

Picture from Google images

Oh when will my toes ever point to the ceiling during a penchée??

That aside, I was really disappointed with my turns. 1 and 3/4 turns, and i find myself hopping around. It was never a problem for me, but now, I can only blame it on myself not feeling well.

Yet again, I see myself stumbling and copying others during petite allegro, which resulted in the teacher telling me that I’m not an octopus and that I only have 2 legs. But yet??? Readers who seem to excel in petite allegro, any tips? I have absolutely no problems in turns and adagio, but petite allegro is my kryptonite.

On another issue, my Hong Kong student has passed her AEIS Examination and have gotten into a local school! I’m a private tutor, yes, and seeing my students excel under my tutelage is one of the reasons I am still teaching, despite holding a full time job. This is her second time trying for the exam, since only the top 5% of the cohort get to be accepted in local schools. This means that even if you passed the exam, it might not mean you will get in, unless, that is, you pass with colours flying into space!

Nyan Cat much? Image from google images

Nyan Cat much? Image from google images

I’m especially proud of her, and is great news to start the new year.

And to guys reading my page:

ScreenHunter_18 Jan. 05 11.55

Signing off~


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