PADI Open Water Certification 11-13 July 2014

What a start to the new year!

I wish I can charm you by saying how magical the new year has been with the champagnes and the parties that will make Katy Perry blush, but no, I have to fall gravely ill, sort of.  A fever that wouldn’t go away, a throat that itches and yet hurts with every cough, and a nose that can never decide if it wants to get stuck or start running. I shall not get into the off-putting description, but if you are interested……….


email me, and I will give you up to the tiniest detail. Nah, I’m joking.

(I’m serious, email me)

That aside, I’ve said in a few posts back that I will try my best to backtrack the countries that I have been. I will not be backtracking the dates, since I do not know how, I will just include the dates in the title, this will be the same for the rest of the backtracked travel posts.

So i did my PADI open water in 2014, with a local dive centre in Singapore, called Blue Reef Scuba. It was as per recommendation by a best friend/fellow blogger/ last diving buddy, Bernie, that I chose this dive centre. The whole process took about a week, which included theory lessons, 2 days of pool dive practice, and 5 open water dives.

To be completely honest, I learnt diving out of peer pressure. Half of my outdoor adventure family has already been open water certified, and thus, had the need to not be the only one left out. I was more of a rock climbing girl (despite the fear of heights. I know, its terrible. Can you imagine the immense fear I feel when I need to fall?? The thoughts racing through my brain as I calculate mentally like a Theoretical Physicist on Redbull, the best possible way to fall without breaking a certain bone. This of course, is in regards to Bouldering. Don’t even get me started on Rock climbing. The paranoia can eat away at me. What if I land a certain way and I slip out of the harness??? Once I am on the safety of the ground, I am like the baby that thinks of new ways to climb the kitchen cabinets yet again.) But yes, I have never regretted spending that SGD$599 on the course, and I find myself finding for new places to dive, and courses to further improve my skills as a diver. For this, I am forever thankful for this outdoor family of mine.

As usual, to finally get our certification, we have to complete 5 open water dives. We were whisked off to Pulau Tioman, an island off Malaysia, since the waters in Singapore is a perpetual night, meaning that if you could see 5 meters in front of you, you are probably really lucky.

Our diving party was made up of myself, the bf, the pops, the buddy (Zoe), and the buddy’s bf.

Although the accommodation on the island was not exactly the Hiltons, and the hot water drips from the shower head, even when we’ve turned the tap on fully, we were there for the dive, and it was great that the whole party had that same mindset. So here you have it. The pictures we took.

Bracing ourselves.

Bracing ourselves

Taking the leap of faith

Taking the leap of faith

10494652_10152984164987586_282993672399201166_n The virgin dive was to about 5meters, with the aid of a line. I remember being mesmerized by everything around me. It was also here that you will put your skills learnt in the pool, to the test; like retrieval of the mouth piece, sharing of air, hand signals etc.


camwhore much??

camwhore much??

The scenery before me was so surreal, it’s hard to imagine a life back in reality. What is paperwork or emails or even the new season of Game of Thrones??

pops and the bf

pops and the bf

I was of course, worried about pops. But he proved to be one cool dude. Yes, be jealous, my dad dives!

Sea Urchins, the landmines of mother nature, and the bane of Zoe's existence

Sea Urchins, the landmines of mother nature, and the bane of Zoe’s existence

And here I thought that Giant Clams only appear in fairy tales

And here I thought that Giant Clams only appear in fairy tales



Chillin, at sunset, on a boat

Chillin. At sunset. On a boat

It was definitely a great experience, and to those still contemplating about diving, don’t think and just do it!

To calm those titties, here are a few advice:

  • You can swim with braces, and you don’t have to equalize them. Just try not to bite too hard unto the mouth piece
  • Drink lots of water after each dive
  • For the ladies, you can dive while on your period. No sharks are going to come after you, and you won’t leave a trail of blood. Just make sure to go down with liners or tampons, just to make sure you don’t soak through when getting out of the water post dive.

Should you have any other advice, or need any advice, feel free to comment! However, please don’t ask me anything about motion sickness, for that, I am still clueless.

signing off


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