No pain no gain weekend

Phew! What a weekend!

This whole weekend has just been so hectic, it’s even difficult to breathe.

So I went to tighten my braces again after a tuition class on Saturday, and gosh was it painful. It definitely wasn’t as painful as the very first time putting it on, but I haven’t experience this pain in a long time! So I went with pink and red this time, red for Chinese New Year, and pink for Valentine’s Day.


Somehow, in contrast with the loud colours of Christmas, the colours this month are somewhat subtle. Almost so that I almost could not see the colours when I  looked into the mirror the first time. This is the 4th time I’m tightening and I’m quite happy with the results! God knows how it will look after I take it off.


I’m writing this on the 3rd day after tightening, and still, I can’t chew without my molars hurting.

Sundays usually means ballet days. Again with the back-breaking Penchée, but on the good side, I managed to do a clean double pirouette! A few actually. Even my teacher was stunned and somewhat gleeful. She even had the cheek to ask: ” Was that double by skill or by luck?”. Well, after that question, it was no surprise that the pirouette fairy was no longer interested on shining down on me, and the remaining doubles were somehow managed by lots of hopping around.

I was quite surprised however, that Brisés came somewhat natural to me, just don’t get me to do it on the left if you don’t want to see a two-legged octopus bouncing up and down. Oh, and the Chaînés, God knows what happened to them. Instead of going in a straight line, I went in a semi-circle. A tad disappointing, as it usually comes quite naturally to me, the Chaînés that is, not the going in a semi-circle thing. 

After ballet, I needed to rush home to wash up, and attend my very first Indian engagement! The groom is my brother from another mother, and he is part of my outdoor adventure family. I am so very proud of him, as he is the first in our ‘family’ to get hitched.


Family photo


f21efa72cd232f50f70bd435cf8e760c Acting goofy while waiting for the bride

My alter ego went on full blast mode days before the engagement, as I was fretting over what to wear, what to expect etc. So I decided to compile a list of advice for my awesome readers in case you ever needed to attend one.

  1. Never wear black or white to a wedding, what is wrong with you?  Those are considered funeral colours for mourning, especially in Asia, so please put back that LBD (little black dress). Red is usually meant for the bride, and pink for the bridesmaids. Wear those if you like, just try not to outshine the bride.
  2. Speaking of little, please try to wear Maxi dresses, if you don’t have the traditional Sari, unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb baring them legs.
  3. Indian weddings/engagements also means it time to bring out them blings! Wear all the swag you wouldn’t dare to wear on a normal day, since everyone else will be wearing gold of some sort.
  4. If the wedding engagement is held at an Indian temple, always wash your feet before entering. There will be taps near the entrance for you to do just that.

That’s all for now. if you have any questions or any other advice, please feel free to comment =) Just before i sign off, here’s a throwback to 2009 with the girls of said family.


2009 (below) VS 2015

As majority of them haven’t seen me with my braces on, they were all really surprised when they saw me and praised how much I have changed and how much better I looked.


I will post up for Boracay soon, but I am currently in procrastination mode. I will however, post up really soon, as I have already uploaded the photos, so stay tuned!

Signing off!


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