Hamster rescue weekend!

Last week, a friend of my man’s decided that he doesn’t want his pet hamster anymore, well, more like his girlfriend doesn’t want it anymore, while announcing on Facebook to anyone who is willing to adopt or else it will be fed to his fish (seriously???). When confronted, they gave 3 stupid reasons to discard it:

1) His girlfriend does not have the time to look after

A bit of background, his girlfriend has a dog, which from what i understand, requires waaaaaaay more time and effort to look after. A dog requires constant companionship. However, for a hamster, it will probably be more than happy to be left alone in the cage, pretty much the whole day, only requiring you to feed it and maybe spend an hour of two letting it play in a play pen. If she already knew she cannot cope with the added effort (which I honestly think is ridiculous) on top of a dog, why insist her boyfriend get her a hamster??

2) She has asthma

Like a dog won’t already cause her to die from asthma. Girl, ALL warm blooded animals can cause some sort of allergic reactions. If you know you have asthma, borrow a hamster to hold or keep for a day (when you know you have friends who keep them, like me), to check if you might be allergic. Don’t just buy at a whim just because it looks cute in the pet store and then realise “they are not for me”.

3) The dog keeps trying to kill the hamster

Then whatever is the cage for? To take up space in your house? To act as a form of decoration? Dogs are predators, hamsters are prey animals. Stop using animal instinct as an excuse. Oh, and the dog, which happens to be a Shih Tzu, have ridiculously short legs, so please use common sense if you don’t have a brain and just put the cage on a higher counter top!

I sincerely apologise for this rant, which somehow make me look like some sort of animal radical. But I cannot help it that I am surrounded by stupid people who knows not the first thing of keeping pets and treats animals as some commodity.

Thank God I managed to persuade a good friend of mine and fellow blogger, Sylvia, to adopt it, so I fostered the hamster for her for a day.

So dear readers, please meet Honey BooBoo

IMG_4525 IMG_4530 (2) IMG_4533

How can anyone get rid of such a cutie? It is a white furball, I can’t even!

Signing off~


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