You’re wearing pointe shoes, you must be a ballerina!

I was looking through several blog shops as I needed to do some much needed shopping. Due to my procrastination and laziness, I did not shop for Chinese New Year while everyone else was. So when I decided it’s time to do it, begrudgingly, to part with my money, I realised that most of the nicer clothes on the blog shops that I frequent were all OOS (out of stock). I grew desperate and went to forage through the internet, for all the blog shops that I could ever think of, and came across this on Thread Theory:

ScreenHunter_30 Feb. 05 11.47

pic from Thread Theory

and I was like: Hey! a romantic tutu look alike skirt! Are those pointe shoes she’s wearing? How apt!

In all honesty, it was indeed a really beautiful skirt, and I could forsee myself actually buying it. So I went on to look at the other pictures available on this and it made my blood run cold.

ScreenHunter_32 Feb. 05 11.48

pic from Thread Theory

ScreenHunter_33 Feb. 05 11.48

pic from Thread Theory

Does the shop know the kind of dangers the model might potentially face? Broken feet, ankles, toes, to shin splints and sprains. Forget the part about respecting ballerinas for their years of hard work before being given the go-ahead by their teachers to be fitted into a pair of pointe shoes. There’s a reason why many dancers train for many years, correcting their technique and strengthening their ankles, before being able to dance in pointe shoes.

It may look pretty and ethereal to non dancers, but trust me (although I am not a professional, I have been doing pointe work for a few years now),  it is not pretty. It just looks awkward and dangerous. The model in the picture, her feet were sickled, isn’t fully on the box and just looks unstable in general. The pose that she is in (parallel feet) does not tell if she turned out or not for the rest of the shoot.

I am not writing this post to bash this company, by all means, I love their clothes (if not for the fact that they are always out of stock) and will continue buying from them. I just want to put it out that wearing a pair of pointe shoes does not make anyone a ballerina, as much as having Instagram does not make you a professional photographer  holding a wrench makes you an engineer. I have seen young children on Youtube slapping on pointe shoes just to try it out and see how it looks on them, not knowing how potentially damaging it might be, which truth be told, scares the s**t out of me, comparable to watching “seconds from disaster”.

For anyone who are considering to get a pair of pointe shoes just to look pretty in photos, do consider the potential harm you might be putting yourself in. Is it worth it for that few glamour shots?

Feel free to comment your thoughts =)

signing off~


2 thoughts on “You’re wearing pointe shoes, you must be a ballerina!

  1. I completely agree with you. Pointe can be very dangerous if people are not trained properly. Her poses look kinda awkward and very unsafe. I think they should have gotten a person trained in ballet to do that!

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