Move along if you’re not above 21


My buddy, Bernie, made me watch this film last night after months of avoiding delaying watching it as after Bernie told me the synopsis of movie, I’m not sure if I am entirely up for it.  I do enjoy a slasher movie once in a while, like I Spit On Your Grave (go girl power!), but this, man, made me question the sanity of the director thin line of morals that man can step over and still think it’s ok. Surely, nothing can be worst than Human Centipede right? Right?? Wrong! This movie made Human Centipede look like a relatively light-hearted walk in the park.

Please note that this movie is R21, so please, if you are not above 21, do yourself a favor by not polluting your mind with what this director is providing. Oh, and please don’t read on.


It is probably the most thematically and visually disturbing film i have ever seen, and it certainly pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable. Necrophilia, rape, child sexual abuse, you say it, they got it. Little wonder why it got banned in Spain, Finland, New Zealand, and many more countries, Singapore included.

To be honest,  I did not really feel anything for the lead character from the start in a way that I can feel his pain, insanity or disgust (all disgust I felt was clearly my own). He was illogical, signing a contract without knowing what exactly he was supposed to do. At least read the Terms and Conditions dude! Oh, and his wife, hot as she may be, was pretty illogical too. If my husband was an ex-porn star, no matter how much we needed the money, no way is he allowed to stuff his manhood into another woman! The past is in the past.

But it is really, the first movie, which I felt like I needed a break to gather up my sanity. It is also probably the first movie ever that made me gag and most likely puke my dinner out. To be fair, the plot of the movie was thoroughly engaging with the many plot twists, with a few times catching myself covering my face with my hands and asking Bernie if that particular scene is over. Not because that scene was going to scare me, but because there is too much shock value that I cannot. Does that make sense?


This girl is creepy as fuck. I noticed her grandma called her Alice, and here is she, wearing an Alice costume. Project Monarch much? She did however, have the best role, as there is no lines from her, AT ALL. All she does is just sit there, smile and look creepy

Oh, and the ending, if they have just stopped right there, with the family committing suicide together, it would have been bittersweet. But from a director who is able to create such a film, he is not going to let the audience off so easily and decided to throw in one last shock value to send you on your way home.


A Serbian Film was definitely hard to sit through, but I did just fine. Just that I needed to watch a Disney movie (Little Mermaid ftw!) and a couple of cat videos after, to nurse my sanity.

After this movie, I pretty much think I’ll be bullet-proof to any other slasher-gore-horror films out there.  Have you watched this movie? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Signing off~


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