Romance is in the air; so what is wrong with my Plié?

Valentine’s weekend has gone and past, and with it, hundreds of dollars spent by my man; on food, present , flowers, you name it, he bought it. It was quite heartbreaking for me to see him spend so much money on me, even though it was worth it and now he has made me feel so guilty, like my present to him wasn’t worth as much.


I started Valentine’s by frying the Mash Potato Bacon Bombs, thanks to Sylvia for helping me, recipe available here, and caused myself a few burns as it needed deep frying, and home girl does not have a deep fryer nor an air fryer so I just had to settle for tilting the pot (yes, a pot) with some oil in it. I decided on this as it was a combination of everything my man loves, Mash potatoes, Cheese and Bacon.


After my man has fetched me, we went to Woooloomooloo Steak House at Swissotel. Both the ambiance and the food blew me away! We were supposed to go to our usual restaurant, The White Rabbit, but sadly, they will be serving Foie Gras this year as part of their Valentine’s day menu, and I am against eating it due to the sad fate of those geese.

The food at Wooloomooloo’s, although a tad more pricey, but they are Instagram-worthy and taste just as great!IMG_4590


Angel Hair Pasta with prawns and cavier


Tomato and fresh Mozzarella with Italian vinaigrette


This should be by far the best steak I have ever had in my life, and no, I’m not exaggerating! Its 150-day grain fed Prime Ribeye and Oh Ma Lawd~~ the word ‘Divine’ doesn’t even cut it! If you are a beef lover too yourself, you have to try this, and any other steak after this will just be inferior.


I was super impressed by the melting choco ball thingy. When warm dark chocolate was poured unto the ball, the chocolate ball started to melt, to reveal vanilla ice cream. The harmony between the warm dark chocolate sauce and the cold vanilla ice cream was amazing! Pity that we were both really full, with bellies near to explosion and me having to use my bag to cover by stomach the rest of the night, that we only had little of it before asking for the bill. The bill amounted to close to SGD$400 for 2, which although was a lot of money, I really and thoroughly enjoyed the meal.


After dinner, we hung around for a bit before going for our date with Mr grey! Yeap, my man actually managed to get us tickets to a fully booked movie!


In all honesty, the movie was quite disappointing, with sex scenes probably amounting up to 20 minutes out of the total screen time? My man was complaining about the huge amount of dialogue at the beginning although they did follow it true to the book, and what was with the ending?? It was abrupt and they didn’t even complete the first book! Further, I would have much preferred Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey. He will make a great Mr Grey with those piercing eyes and that smirk…..

unnamed (1)IMG_4605

The next day, I woke up with a pain shooting up my left ankle, and I knew, that winter is coming, my Archillies Tendonities have acted up again. Against my better judgment, and wanting to keep to my New Year’s resolution of keeping up with attendance, I decided to just go for ballet class anyway.

All was well and dandy, until pointe work. God knows what I was thinking, or was I spacing out, we did pliés in centre and when doing pliés in second, my heels popped up! What made it worst was that I was standing in front of the class and my teacher caught me. Needless to say, she singled me out with a flabbergasted expression on her face. By the time we got to reverence, my left ankle was begging me to take my pointe shoes off ASAP!

Went home, applied the RICE method, and still it hurt when I walked. Maybe I should eat some Paracetamol and get an ankle guard soon.

That’s all for this weekend, let me know in the comments how you spent your Valentines =)

Signing off~


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