Not feeling any older

Was i suppose to feel any older? Meh. My birthday came and went last Sunday, and I celebrated it in true gamer fashion; Playing Team Fortress 2 the whole day except during meals. Continue reading


Now it just feels weird

My man was away for the weekend, so this typically means me in my pajamas, with unwashed hair, playing Team fortress 2 all day. For two days. But not all is play though, time has come to tighten braces yet again.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Caught this movie over the weekend, and I must say, it is probably one of the best spy movies I have ever seen. It has the hilarity of the ‘Austen Powers’ franchise without being too tacky, not as serious as the Bond movies, and guys in custom fitted suits? My my, give me some sugar. 


I, of course, did not watch it for men in suits (although it is quite an incentive), but for the ravings of the movie from my friends. So I dragged my man to watch it with me and god was it worth it.

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Calf cramps! Help!

So we were doing normal class work yesterday, and got to the frappé part of barre work. Frappés en croix (anyone feels the same about battement frappés derrière? That the action alone, just feels weird?)? Pfffftt….. piece of cake. Should be no problem right? After all, the set was fairly easy, with frappés en croix on flat, battement frappés double en croix, then repeat en rise.

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Chinese New Year 2015

So tis the season for the annual ang pow(red packets) taking. Technically, Chinese new year lasts a total of 15 days, but usually, work will begin on the fourth day.But lucky us, Chinese new year this year fell on a Thurs, so HOORAY for long weekends! If only we get all 15 days of public holidays, but one can only wish.

With Chinese new year season, also comes gambling season, at least for Singapore. This will be a period where most Chinese houses will be turned into miniature gambling dens, be it Black Jack or Baccarat. Sad to say, I have been losing money ever since the first day of CNY. I am not an avid gambler, thank God for that, but it still kinda sucks to see your money being taken away from you just because you made the wrong decision of taking that one more card.

I have been eating shamelessly, as a friend of mine pointed out, and I did not even try to balance it out with dance classes, since I missed the last class having visitors at my place. Hotpots, Pineapple tarts, Barbecued pork, Abacus seeds, you name it, I’ve finished it. i shudder to think what my dance teacher will comment when I get back to class this weekend =(

signing off~