Calf cramps! Help!

So we were doing normal class work yesterday, and got to the frappé part of barre work. Frappés en croix (anyone feels the same about battement frappés derrière? That the action alone, just feels weird?)? Pfffftt….. piece of cake. Should be no problem right? After all, the set was fairly easy, with frappés en croix on flat, battement frappés double en croix, then repeat en rise.

Boy was I wrong. Not that I had any problem with the exercise. The problem was me. Once I got to part of en rise, my supporting feet had to cramp up. Ok, maybe I did not stretch my calves before class. Worse, it wasn’t only for one side. When we got to the other side, my other supporting leg cramped up too. I had to look like a midget, rubbing my calves while everyone else was working their thang en rise.

My dear reader, my before class routine is sorta set in stone. After lunch, I will walk to my studio, which I take as a form of warm up (weak excuse, I know). But this! This was the first time this had happened to me. Needless to say, I am experiencing sore calves as I type this.

Thank god, my teacher was merciful, and decided to move on after the 2nd set. When we moved on to centre for petite allegro, she decided to confuse us, like petite allegro wasn’t confusing enough. Again, a fairly easy combination, but you will feel like an octopus right from the start. Entrechat trois derrière, pas de bourrée under, entrechat cinq derrière, pas de bourrée under, entrechat trois devant, pas de bourrée under, entrechat cinq devant, pas de bourrée under. Sounds easy, but trust me, I didn’t get it at all. Like entrechat quatre and changement battu wasn’t bad enough.

While doing exercises for across the floor, we had to start posé turns on left. Yes, woe is me. Needless to say, everyone was moaning after we had to do it a second time and suddenly turned suprisingly happpy when asked to do on the right. I can do posé turns on the right forever! This, of course, was being caught on by my teacher. Speaking of which, she said that dancers shouldn’t wear cross back leotards, when she saw one of my classmates wearing it, adding that cross backs and halternecks makes them look hunchback.

download images.

Not sure how true that is, to me it looks ok. What do you, dear readers, think?

On a side note, I went to my local pet shop yesterday to get some fish food. I was telling the owner how my planted tank’s substrate, which is ADA Amazonia, has been leeching Ammonia (Aquariums have taught  me a lot of science) for 5 weeks now, and it doesn’t seem to be going down. He told me to just throw in a few feeder fishes (fishes to feed monster fishes like Arowanas) and that will speed up the cycle. I did persistently tell him that I was going for the fishless cycle, as I didn’t want to kill any fishes, due to the high Ammonia levels in my tank. He then took a bag of feeder fishes and shoved it to me, saying it is free, telling me that the fishes will probably live a lot longer in my tank, since they are meant for food, making me face this morality issue.

Now I have 5 fishes in my planted tank, and honestly, they look great in my once empty aquarium. I did make sure that I can return them (if they even survive) once my tank is cycled and I don’t want them anymore.

signing off


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