Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Caught this movie over the weekend, and I must say, it is probably one of the best spy movies I have ever seen. It has the hilarity of the ‘Austen Powers’ franchise without being too tacky, not as serious as the Bond movies, and guys in custom fitted suits? My my, give me some sugar. 


I, of course, did not watch it for men in suits (although it is quite an incentive), but for the ravings of the movie from my friends. So I dragged my man to watch it with me and god was it worth it.

Colin Firth was the epitome of the English gentleman, from the way he held himself, to the way he walks and speaks. In all honesty *spoiler alert* I teared when he was killed. Although I knew it was coming, I still couldn’t help but tear. How could they decide to put him into a coma, and then kill him??

Samuel L. Jackson was hilarious, and it was quite refreshing seeing a villain being the funny guy of the film, all the more Jackson being the funny guy. In my mind, he has always been the militarily(is there even such a word?) serious dude. His name itself reminds me of Snakes on the Plane and Captain Fury of the Avengers.

Did I mention when Eggsy(is that how you spell it?) changed his clothes from being a regular teenage into a suit? Woah, that took my breathe away.

The movie itself was witty and smart, playing on clichés. One thing though, although the whole idea of using technology, in this case, the sim cards, to end humanity for ‘the greater good’, turning peasants like us, all angry and stuff at the drop of a button, I can’t stop thinking of one thing, when the movie was showing how everyone was just fighting with one another. That thing is: why are’nt more people running out naked, if they really just get blood thirsty at a click of a button? Like, from showering and being in the changing rooms of boutiques.

And yes, Manners maketh man.

Have you watched this yet dear readers? I would love to know your thoughts.


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