The Great Escape

I was at work yesterday, when I received a text from my stepmum. Apparently, one of my hamsters has managed to escape his cage! However, as she was afraid to touch the hamster (or any animal ), she just closed my room (cages are in my room) door and hoped I get home fast.

A little background information, I have 5 dwarf hamsters in total, namely:


Sephora (Female)

I know I shouldn’t be playing favourites, but she has melted not only my heart, but my family’s and friends’ as well. She doesn’t bite, at all, and just licks the hell out of your hand. She responds to her name, as long as you use a high pitched snow white-esque voice, will crawl climb unto your hand willingly and spends most of the day hidden out of sight. She’s also the mum of Katarina and Elsa.

Fatty (Male)

As his name suggests, he is really fat. I’ve tried limiting his sunflower seeds intake (don’t judge me), but he’s so lazy. When you carry him, he mostly lies on your hand, flat out, and his size is approximately the size of my palm. He is the heaviest out of the 5, and spends most of the day sunbathing on a rock in his cage. He is also the most dramatic of all, judging by the way he squeaks at displeasure, or when his brother, Tiny, walks past him =.=.

Tiny (Male)

Tiny used to be really tiny, and its hard to make out that Fatty and Tiny are brothers. He is also the marathoner of all, as he loves his wheel and will use it all day, everyday. He has been gaining weight recently, despite his ‘gyming’, which I hope is a good thing.

Elsa (Female)

Taken after the ‘Frozen’ movie, she got her name as she was the only white hamster of the litter. She tends to get a little nippy, but never drawing blood.

Katarina (Female)

Katarina’s name was taken after my love for ‘Lady Katarina’ of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. She’s not cunning or anything, but she knows how to get her sunflower seeds. Every morning, she will be staring out of her cage, unmoving, just staring, at every movement you make. The only way to stop her from staring? Yeap, sunflower seeds.

All the girls are housed in 2 feet glass fish tanks, while the boys in a huge 2 feet bin cage. So I was quite surprised as to how one of them were able to escape. When I got home that day, I found out that my dad has also been trying to locate my missing hamster. After doing a headcount, the least expected hamster was missing, and that’s Fatty.

I looked through the internet, looking for ways to lure Fatty out, and all of them required darkness, patience and a pile of food. I was not getting anymore patient, since Fatty has been gallivanting around my room the whole day, without food or water. I looked under my bookshelves, under cupboards, behind the other cages and my fish tank, even my bed was not spared, but nothing.

Growing desperate, I called my man down, to, I don’t know, help me and just be there. He went all out, Rolling around my floor, armed with a torchlight, to look into nooks and crannies of my room.

At last, we found him, nestled all the way at the back of my huge-ass wardrobe (which will be impossible to move). There was no way we could reach our hand in there to grab him, so the only way was to lure him out. Then an idea struck me. I took the box of sunflower seeds (which i use everyday as an alarm clock sort of, to notify my hamsters of feeding time), and shook the box as hard as I could, making a loud racket, hoping to get his attention.

Upon hearing the sound, he got attracted, and started following that sound, hoping to get a sunflower seed or two. THANKFULLY, he came out, looking all scruffy.

So dear readers, let me know if you have ever experienced having a missing hamster, and what are some of the funny ways you managed to get them back.

Signing off~


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