Worst Feeling In The World

Many would say its a broken heart, but after last week’s ballet class, I beg to differ.

I have a condition called Chronic Sinusitis. So this results in me sneezing every morning, after I bath, when I’m in a dusty environment, or even a sudden change of temperature, like stepping out from an air-conditioned room into the hot sun. But yesterday, it seems to hit me so much harder.

We first started with Barre in the centre. Yeap, you heard me right. We did barre exercises in the centre. Throughout class, all i could think of is Imitationballerina’s post. So yea, I do not feel particularly confident after some really wobbly Plié and Glissés. 

Across the floor, everyone was somehow relieved when the teacher announced to do Posé turns in twos, until she didn’t move out of the way. That’s when we knew shit got real. She actually stood in between the two dancers and followed the twirling dancers across the floor!

Piroutte exercise was simply by far, the worst. Not because we are not allowed to do singles anymore, but because that’s when my nose decided that its time to have a sneezing fit! So what happens after a sneezing fit? Yeap, running nose. So imagine, being light-headed (from the bouts of sneezes) and still having to complete the piroutte exercise, nose leaking like a faucet on steroids while trying to whip your head to spot, and while you try to keep mucus in, having to to keep sniffing which in turns lead to light-headedness. I know, its a vicious cycle, I was practically seeing stars after class.

On a side note, I have been having really bad back pain for a couple of days now. It has also started swelling and tender to the touch. However, a search through the internet seems to say that swelling seems to be a common issue. When is the right time to go to the doctor? Will visiting a Traditional Chinese medical practitioner be worth it or will I be better off with a sports masseuse?

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!

Signing off~


2 thoughts on “Worst Feeling In The World

  1. Barre in the centre is hard enough without feeling ill! That really sucks to hear.

    I wonder what your lower back pain could be. I’ve never been to a traditional Chinese practitioner before. I have a feeling a normal doctor will just tell you to drink more water and rest as they always do haha

    I hope you feel a lot better soon.

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