Thou shalt wear G-strings for ballet class

And I’m not even kidding.

One of my dance friends wore a pair of boyshorts panty to class last sunday (why we can see it? My class adopts the traditional leotards over pink tights look, so yea, her leotard can never cover her undies. Its not even talking about VPL anymore when its pink tights you are wearing) and the first thing my teacher said when we were waiting at the barre for class to start was: why are you wearing ugly undies? Dancers should always wear G-Strings! Next time wear a G-String to class!

Talking about awkward, I was made to stand at the front of the barre today and boy, was I under a hell lot of pressure! Not only do I have to lead the class (no one to follow, yet everyone follows me!), I have to listen to my teacher’s instructions, and demonstrate the steps to the class!

Never have I ever been under this much pressure o_o

On the bright side, I was able to follow the petite allegro set in centre work, though my pas de bas saute is half a count slower than the rest (might be due to the fact that one side of my pointe shoe ribbon is tied tighter than the other. Who am I kidding).

Signing off~


7 thoughts on “Thou shalt wear G-strings for ballet class

  1. Eeek! No underwear for ballet! Men need dancebelts to hold their stuff up front… those have thongs… women have no stuff to hold… no undies (whether you have tights or not).
    It’s a uniform rule at most classical schools. At ours, they let little kids wear them to class, but not for performance. Underwear always show. Either out the bottom of the leo or through it, and makes everyone think about your panties.

      • All in what you’re used to (er… what’s beaten into you as a child :-P) I grew up without them, so I’d be insecure with them… worried about everyone seeing them. lol. Sidenote… I love that you use the word hella! You belong in Northern California!

    • What?! No underwear?? I like underwear for the sense of security it gives. No idea how it does though. haha. But then agan, I;ve heard of dancers not wearing underwear as tights are already considered a form of underwear?

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