Oh, the agony~

Went for my dental appointment yesterday before work. Although I was a tad late, the dentist made me wait for over an hour for my turn! Letting 4 people and 1 girl who came after me go in first. Truth be told, I was royally pissed. I honestly would not have cared much except that I needed to get back to work!

When it was my turn (like finally), the dentist took a look at my teeth, and decided that the gaps made by the missing teeth (due to extraction) was not closing fast enough. So he decided to change to a thicker wire this time. When he first took out my original wire, my teeth felt awkward, like it was really loose or something. Which made me think, will it be like that after my braces are finally removed?

So yea, he changed to a thicker wire. How do I know it was thicker? Well, for one, he seemed to have a hard time pressing the wire into the brackets. On top of that, he said I had to go with transparent bands as it was a lot stronger. Why~~ I had thought up of what colours to go with this month. The colours of Spring! This should explain the lack of pictures, since there’s no teeth swag this month.

Oh, and regarding the transparent bands being tighter, instead of the usual band around each bracket, this time, its one band between  2 brackets, criss-crossed. This, my dear, makes eating such a pain in the a**. Not because its tighter and thus more painful (I’ll get to that in a while), but it gets food stuck all over the place, and extra difficult to dig out! Food just gets stuck between the criss-crossed bands. Urrrgghhh

Finally, the pain. Oh ma laawwwd….. It feels like the first time I put on braces! For the past few months, the discomfort didn’t really bother me. Heck, I could still have a steak after a dental appointment for tightening of the braces. Seems like I’m not so gung-ho after all. So now, I’m back to liquid diet, yet again and gain me some membership points at Soup Spoon!

I apologise for this extra whinny post. It’s just that my jaw hurts everytime I open my mouth, I swear I cannot open my mouth bigger than 1cm, wait, it hurts even when I don’t open my mouth. Just so not in the mood right now.

Words of comfort are, of course welcomed though =)

Signing off~


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