Soubresaut en whaaat?

Soubresaut en pointe. Is it possible? Apparently so.

How about changement en pointe? Not as bad as I thought.

So my teacher decided that we should all be spending more class time doing pointe work. So after a quick barre, what better way to do petit allegro than doing it on pointe?

On the bright side, it was going waaaaay slower than our usual pace for petit allegro, so homegirl was able to follow for once. But still, it was quite a torture on the toe nails. But think about it, 15 girls doing Soubresaut en pointe and changement en pointe at the same time. Its like pounding a stone mortar and pestle on a timer. Towards the end, everyone seemed to be gripping the barre for dear life; yet gripping with elegance is no mean feat.

Oh, and being pressured to be the first girl at the barre, means you have to be on top of all your ballet terms and be able to demonstrate it. Soubresaut? Ok. Changement? No problem. Now double piroutte en pointe. Wait whuttt?

It took me about 15 seconds to focus on myself and not the stares that were coming from the other 14 pairs of eyes, and another 5 seconds to say a little prayer.

But wow, the adrenaline, and the fact the teacher was watching during a perfectly executed double piroutte en pointe, I could’nt stop smiling.


Which made me think. Much of the new things we learn in class, especially in the case of pointe work, most of my classmates, and myself included, seem to embrace the YOLO approach.

Do you dear readers approach it the same way when it comes to pointe work?

Signing off~


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