I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I have work piled up to my neck! Although tuition classes has stalled for the term holidays, I have been busy dealing with my never-ending school assignments, and also starting an online shop (reading contracts saps most of my energy)!

My dance teacher, then has to break her ankle. Before I know, I’m receiving a call from her, requesting me to help her with classes, just to demo. Well, if its just to demonstrate a few dance moves to a couple of kids, why not? How wrong was I.

The first class on Sunday starts at 9.30am, so after grabbing a cuppa coffee at the teacher’s lounge (hell yea), the little girls started pouring it. It was going well for a couple of lessons, with me just demonstrating while the kids follow, until my teacher decides to throw me into the deep end. From creating my own plié sets to choosing my own music for the kids to dance to!

Thank God, the oldest kids I’ve gotten by then were Grade 4 kids, who hopefully won’t be able to see how much I’m struggling to look like I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I have to say, being a tuition teacher has also gave me a great tolerance to kids.

Digressing, have you ever felt like life was always throwing something at you, even though you don’t like it, like its a sign? I confess, I’m not the greatest lover of young children. They make a ton of noise and can be disgusting as hell. But you know what? My internship when I was in Polytechnic, was a camp instructor. Which means I have to deal with a ton of kids on a weekly basis. Much as I try to shun being a team instructor aka team babysitter, there has been times I cannot choose what role I play in a camp. After graduation and working full time in an office for a few years, I decided to take a hiatus from the mediocre life of an office lady, but yet needed to supplement my income, I decided to become a tutor. Soon, I’ve taken so many assignments that now when I look back, I probably cannot remember 1/4 of the kids’ names.

Back to relieving my dance teacher, after all the classes I took, I still have my own class to get to. I don’t think I have ever been this tired and burnt out in my life. Even le bf’s grandma said I look really tired. By then, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even hear my alarm ring the next day for work, and talk about feeling like getting hit by a bus. My muscles were screaming with every step I take!

Looking on the bright side, I’m honestly, really excited that my teacher saw that potential in me, to being able to demonstrate in front of the younger students, to actually taking on a class. She said I had a certain flair when I dance, which demanded attention. But who knew, just simple dance steps like galloping and skipping, and looking extremely excited throughout class (I now know the feeling of the hosts for children’s tv shows) could suck most of my energy.

I will probably have to take her weekend classes for a period of time, since she will still have to go for surgery and be on a cast for another 6 weeks after.

Wish me luck!

Signing off~


4 thoughts on “Teacher-In-Training?

  1. As I’ve been realizing lately (I also have a camp job), working with little kids is really an art form in itself. A really demanding and tiring art form :-). But good luck and congrats on making it through the first day (I think that’s usually the hardest)!

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