Broken toe nail =(

Its been a while since I blogged, but my exams and assignments are finally over (at last!), so I figured, why not?

I went for ballet class last weekend, and I’m not sure if its because I missed a couple of lessons prior (coz exams), but for some unknown reason, pointework seems to be really hard for me this week.

We did a short barre, so centre was about 1.5 hours. After doing a couple of demi pointes in the centre (the burrrnnn),  we moved on to pirouttes en dedan from fourth, when something really weird happened. I couldn’t go up on my left feet. There was a nagging pain on my left big toe, and no matter how I braced myself for the turn, I just couldn’t get up, and ended up doing it in demi pointe.

I guess I got caught by my teacher, who started asking me to do passé relevé devan, saying that how long I can balance equals to how many turns I will be able to do. Gritting my teeth, I managed it on both feet. However, the teacher said that while my right foot is alright, I was climbing up on my left, when I was suppose to snatch it in. Had to do a deliberate ‘snatching in’ before she was happy and that we can move on with class.

When I thought we could catch a break, we had to do courus and posse before letting the class go. After I took my pointe shoes off, to my horror, my left toe nail had turned reddish black, with a crack somewhere nearing the base of the toe. If anyone knows what i can do about it, please let me know. My ballet buddy said that the nail might just come off, but if that does happen, does that mean I will not be able to go en pointe for a period of time?

On a happier note, a friend gave me a new Betta, which i added to my community aquarium. I had to observe the fishes to see if there will be any conflict, especially when I have Amano shrimps in the tank (don’t want my shrimps becoming an expensive meal for the Betta). There was a slight stand off when the Betta discovered a shrimp. It was pretty intense, with the shrimp and Betta just staring at each other for a few seconds, before the Betta decided to back off. Now, the Betta pretty much leaves the shrimps alone, maybe its because the shrimps are slightly bigger than the Betta itself.

I have also added a CO2 tank to inject CO2 into the aquarium. Since the fish tank is beside my bed, I had to put the CO2 tank beside my bed too. Nothing much to be concerned about except, you know, if the tank malfunctions, and you know, it blowing up in my face, causing possible death in my sleep. #paranoiamuch.

Will update again on how it goes, till then.

Signing off~


4 thoughts on “Broken toe nail =(

  1. From my experience, the nail bruising is not a huge deal and will grow out, but the crack could be trickier. It might heal itself enough to be functional (I would recommend taping it for now) or eventually fall off. If it does, you might need to take some time off of pointe or not, depending on how much of the nail is left (sometimes there’s already quite a bit of new nail growing under the old/bruised one–sorry if that’s a gross image :-P). Of course I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my advice too seriously 🙂

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