On being hospitalised

It all started with my hands going numb (pins and needles rather than no-feeling numb), then my legs, then half my face. I could say that last week hasn’t exactly been the best. I was so caught up with work (2 events in 2 weeks!), caught up with tuition (end of year examinations), caught up with my own marketing law exam, and to top it all off, the time of the month turning me into a fuming dragon one second, a sobbering mess the next. Of course, my man got the brunt of it all.

It was terrible.

After complaining to my dad about the pins and needles, my dad rushed me to the hospital, worried that I might be getting a stroke. After waiting in line, and talking to a doctor in the ER, I was admitted into the hospital. For the first time in my life.

They settled me into a wheelchair, no idea what for, since I was still walking around just fine, except for that annoying feeling when I walk. I was wheeled into the ward, and just left there. All the patients around me were already sleeping and my parents had gone home to collect my things. It was then that I learnt, you can feel awkward when you are alone as well.

Soon, a nurse came, brought me the patient uniform (which was really a pink pyjamas with lace, a style which I had to don for a couple of days), and left me there again. *cue crickets chirp*. After my parents came and left with my stuff, all I did was lie on my bed, trying to absorb the unfamiliar sounds around before dozing off.

2.20 am

Nurses woke me up to take blood for blood test. 4 whole tubes of it.

3.45 am

Nurses woke me up to take blood pressure.

4.45 am

Nurses woke me up. Wheeled me to take X-Ray.

This went on for the other 3 nights I was there, minus the blood test. Blood pressure was taken every hour. Patients are usually up at around 7am everyday. It came to a point whereby I will wake up when the nurses turned on the lights, look around to see if anyone is still sleeping, and then go back to sleep if I saw someone else still sleeping. My man and family came to see me every night, best bud came with balloons. Fell asleep while doing an MRI scan. Being pushed Panadols during medication time.


It may all sound pretty scary, but worry not dear readers, for I am fine (pardon the weird use of language; been watching Downton Abbey as I had practically nothing to do all day whilst hospitalised). The neurologist’s diagnose for me was that I was suffering from a bout of Acephalgic Migraine. Something to do with the blood vessels constricting in my brain, thus leading to not enough blood flow to the rest of the body. It mainly has got to do with too much stress and anxiety. So yea, I’m fine now.

I apologize for the fairly monotonous vibe this post is giving. I have been on hospital leave for the most part of last week, thus still feeling really sluggish and lazy.

Signing off~

Too fast too furious

Last Sunday’s class turned out to be one of the better ones. I had tons of corrections and praises by my dance teacher (which feels awesome and you know it). I even managed to keep up with the petite allegro cum piroutte exercise, which even my teacher was pleasantly surprised! I had one of those ‘good turn’ days, if you know what I mean. My pirouttes and fouttes were all in control. Left side was being gracious too.

If you saw my previous dance post, where I asked about cracked toe nails, well, I’m still battling with it. It has now gotten to a pointe (pun fully intended), whereby I can feel it (the toe nail, duh!) moving every time I go up en pointe. I know it’s a bit gross, my apologies, but I seriously know not what to do with it. It is a ticking time bomb on my toe.

Anyway, we were told to do posse turns en pointe, and for some unknown reason, I tend to spin out of control! Not exactly falling down, out of control per se, but more of the speed of my turns. I can start out slow, but as I kept turning, I just keep going faster and faster even though I wanted to slow down so bad. It came to a pointe where I am actually scared for my life and actually heave a sigh of relief when I end! So if anyone experienced the same thing, please let me know how you rectified this. It happens on both my left and right side, even though my left is somewhat wobbly, thus, fearing for my life.

Signing off~