The week of 2 barbceues

Maybe there is something about the end of October that prompts people to have barbecues (because we all love charred food). So that’s what happened. Two separate groups of friends decided it’ll be great. Which it was, not gonna lie.

So one of my close classmates, M, decided to book a chalet at Changi Village, since we were doing a project based on that destination. As he was a civil servant, he managed to get a hold of the really exclusive TreeHouse Villas @Changi. Gone are the days where chalets are run down and basic looking. TreeHouse Villas put all the other chalets in Singapore to shame! Entering this place just brings back memories of when I was in Bali, Indonesia.


Like how is this place not beautiful?? This is more of a resort than a chalet.IMG_5522IMG_5523


Stairs up to our abode for the night. I love how much privacy we have.


IMG_5524 The guys going all ‘Master Chef”


Like WHHATTT??? Outdoor Shower??? All i could think of was ‘how nice if I had a bath bomb to throw in there”


Since no one wanted to shower in the great outdoors, but yet everyone wanted to have a go at it, we all went for a foot soak


Just chillin’, talking about life and shit


Needless to say, we bonded greatly as classmates and we got most of our schoolwork done, NOT. We did bond, yes, I can’t think of a team more fun than this, but did we manage to finish our project? NOPE. It was all fun and no work, and it was worth it. Also, if you have not checked out Cards against Humanity, you should! We had so much fun playing it, that our textbooks and half-done power point presentations were left in the corner.

So that was on Thursday. On Saturday, I went to meet my other group of friends. This group, we have been a family for almost 7 years. And it was time for our annual Halloween meet-up.


My man is trying to send smoke signals to his mothership


Obligatory family shot. However we still lack 2 members of our group.

IMG_5497 IMG_5498 IMG_5500

I love this second family of mine. Although everyone seems to be busy with their lives, with the bad habit of not replying to messages (not complaining), we still got together for the family gathering. And of course, welcoming bernie’s new girlfriend Andrea into the family!

Oh! It might be a little late, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN~! I hope you guys had fun scaring other people!


Our halloween masks! Nailed it.

Signing off~


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