Huge Lush Haul

And I really mean huge. I love love LOVE Lush so much, it has become an addiction. I’m slowly converting every product that I own into something Lush. Be it facial care or bodycare, if Lush has it, I’m changing it. Of course, as I said in my previous post, I love Lush for all that it stands for, and so, i don’t mind paying a bit more to help support the cause. Of course, my wallet highly disagrees.

So one Saturday after dental, I went to the Lush store nearest to my dental clinic in the aim to get the Dream Cream for my mum’s birthday, since she has terrible Eczema all over her body. It is my first time at this store and I was blown by the vibe of that place! How can one Lush store feel so different from the other? Not that my previous Lush store experience was terrible, but I just feel that this one that I went seems a lot more friendly and vibrant.

Despite it being a weekday afternoon, there were a lot of people at the store. After about 10mins of wandering around on my own, I managed to get hold of an assistant. Not only was this assistant really helpful and friendly, she also told what she thought of certain products, and what products made her breakout etc. My hands were subjected to testing various face masks, moisturisers, cleaners and lotions. She also sent me on my way home with tons of samples, so I have a huge stash that I can review!

So instead of having buy just one product (which is for my mum), I ended up spending close to $200!

Don’t Look At Me 

Fresh Face Mask. Was given a free pot, since there is only 1 week left on the expiry date. I was hesitant about getting it, since it was quite grainy, meaning it can be used as a facial exfoliator because of the rice grains as well. Since I also have my ocean salt, I don’t wanna be exfoliating everyday. Furthermore, this has a very short shelf life of 3 weeks. It’s smurf blue, and smells lemony. But I am so glad she got me to try this! This has turned out to my skin saver! Almost instantaneously, after washing my face, my whole face seemed to brighten! Being an Asian, I have been plagued with sallow skin, but this! I have no words! Most of my blemishes were also minimized or gone by the next day.Wearing make up the next day was such a breeze with smooth and bright skin, and my face was noticeably less oily even after a whole day! This face mask is probably my favourite Lush product and will definitely repurchase.

Aqua Marina


Is it a huge pink sushi? Nope, its a facial wash, with seaweed! I was looking for a facial cleanser, because I’m curious at how their cleanser works. Was contemplating between Angels on Bare Skin or Herbalism due to raving reviews, however, my assistant recommended me to check out Aqua Marina and I’m so glad she did. The texture is a lot more pasty out of the pot, as compared to the crumbly Angels. Although she told me that there is actually no need to add water since its already quite pasty on its own, I still did for the first few days, since that’s what it said on the instructions. Didn’t really like it since I feel like I’m not applying anything. Heeded her advice and it was sooo much better. It smells a bit like Rose powder, even though there is no rose in there. There is calamine that calms redness, so that might account for the powdery smell.

To be honest, it was a bit hard to use at first, since I’m used to convenience out of a tube. I’ve also learnt that for Lush products, a little goes a long way. So I just use a pinch, and then start mushing it out on the palm of my hand, then smearing it on my face. I feel that this product is better for people with oily skin, and can be a bit too drying for dry skin. Will repurchase also, since I love the smell, and it doesn’t break me out.

Grease Lightning


This is a pimple cream gel that seems to be a Tea Tree smelling miracle in a little bottle. Huge cystic pimples were gone in 1-2 days! I love how this product clears my skin, but I do have a few complaints. Lush can seriously do better with product packaging, as the pump that this comes with, is so hard to use! It’s quite hard to press, so when you do press it, a lot of product comes out. I mean, this is a spot treatment! What if I only got that ONE pimple?? This is actually what happened, and I used the rest of the product on the rest of my face, which surprisingly seemed to reduce oil seeds and oiliness.

Another complaint is the product itself. It comes out in a gel texture, which becomes watery after rubbing it in. However, this takes forever to dry! So for people like me with rushing mornings, I cannot use this or I will not be able to put on my make up and ultimately, be late for work. Even if it did dry, and you apply your make up over, it will start to peel after a while. Ever applied liquid glue on your fingers, and start to peel it after it dries? That’s what happens here, except your make up will come out with it, leaving slight patches of different skin tones. However, despite all these, the fact that it makes pimples seem to vanish overnight, I will repurchase it, but just using it only before bed.


I got a sample size of this, and I’m quite happy with it. It smells a bit like fruits, but not in a citrusy way. The nice thing is that it seems to absorb straight into the skin, so it doesn’t feel like some heavy moisturisers that just sits on your face. I am really scrimping and using very little of it (a few dots in the mornings), since my sample was so small. However, I heard that this moisturiser is more for oily skin, since it supposedly controls oil. I’m not sure if I will get the full size, since my face does get a little oily after a while.

Vanishing Cream

As the name says, the cream vanishes! Well, this is a really light moisturiser, but if I compare this to Enzymion, I prefer the latter better. This cream gets my face so oily, its almost criminal! Would not recommend this for oily skin.


Still on the fence about this. It smells like uncooked rice, but it doesn’t get me too oily. I used this when I went on vacation, and it didn’t cause any break out, which is good.

Magical Moringa

This is an Oxford Street product and I have to say, I MIGHT be in love with this. The scent is a bit weird, but something that I can love with. It has a very solid waxy consistency at first, but will melt easily into this oil-like texture. It is also sooo mattifying when applied to face, that I actually know people who use it as a primer! I will highly recommend this for oily skin for its mattifying effects, which creates this nice base for make up, so your make up lasts for a really long time!

Only thing I dislike about this? Well, it melted on me! Like totally melted into liquid. And since it melted, I think it separated as well? So now I have this layer of oil at the top, which truth be told, is kinda gross. Hate this Singapore weather.

Daddy O Shampoo

I got a sample size of this too, since it is my first time using a purple shampoo. The assistant said this will take the brassiness out of my bleached hair without stripping my hair colour. The smell is really strong, almost headache inducing. But I grew to love the smell, and how the smell lingers even on second day hair. It is quite fun to use, since come on, its purple, but it doesn’t lather a lot, which takes a bit of getting used to. I heard that this is pretty common for Lush shampoos as they try to minimize the use of harsh chemicals. I’m not sure if it really removes the brassiness, but I’ve got quite a few compliments on my hair colour after using it. Coincidence? You tell me.

Sultana of Soap


I got a sample size of this and love the smell of it. It smells very creamy and luxurious. However, being born into the era of liquid soaps, I never got the hang of using this. At first, I only cut out a portion of what I needed for my bath, since I read that it can make your soap last longer. But the pathetic small piece that I have keeps breaking apart in the shower! Pieces of raisins were falling everywhere in my shower, and yes, I’ve dropped the soap more times than I’m happy about. I just rubbed the soap all over my body, and although the fruits offered some form of exfoliation, the soap itself was not lathering well. It was also hard to soap my back. Ohmagawwd. I then read somewhere that to create lather, one have to rub it on a shower pouf. Well, I did and the lather was quite good, not liquid shower foam good, and the thought of using my shower pouf everyday, means I’m exfoliating everyday! Not a great idea.


Furthermore, it seems to dry out my skin a bit since I get that squeaky clean feeling after rinsing.



 This is a Halloween shower jelly which smells like lime pastilles! When the sales assistant told me that the pot is the last one they’ve got, I knew it was a sign. I need it. I mean, who doesn’t want to bath wath a block of lime gummy? And the shape! Its shaped like Batman. C’mon, don’t tell me you’re not interested. Never have I ever had to struggle so much to prevent myself from licking this soap! #thestruggleisreal

In all honesty, besides the smell and shape, there’s nothing much I like about using this. I tried pinching off bits to use in the shower, but it doesn’t lather well, and just kept breaking into even smaller pieces, before being deemed unusable, while it lay all sad on my shower floor. I then decide to just use the whole piece, as I saw it in the Lush Halloween advertisement, before it broke into 2 when I dropped it. CAN SOAPS JUST STOP SLIPPIN OUTTA MA HANDS? Nevermind, now that its in two pieces, it means its easier to hold, and it does, indeed lather a lot better, but someone needs to teach me how to prevent it from dropping. The germaphobe in me just keeps thinking how much germs it picks up while laying on my bathroom floor, waiting for me to pick it up. The fact that this is literally a jelly, doesn’t make it any easier. I probably had better luck with the normal soap. Another sad fact? The smell doesn’t last out of the shower. The moment I wash it off, the smell goes with it.

I am really in love with the smell though, but not the jelly, so if anyone knows what other products from Lush that has similar scents, please do let me know. The help will be greatly appreciated.

Honey I Washed the Kids


This is a cult favourite, so naturally, I had to try it. However, at this point of time, I’m already feeling bad for getting so many samples, that I felt obliged to get the full size. Although I am not a huge fan of honey, the scent was just like honey, and quite comforting at the same time. The scent also lingers for quite a while after.

It is definitely more moisturizing that the Sultana of Soap, in which it doesn’t leave me feeling squeaky clean. The honeycomb part of the soap is also really hard, though not sure if that part is soap. I was this close to actually licking the honeycomb for a taste test. Not something that I will buy again though.

Yog Nog

Half the time when I’m in a Lush store, I get so overwhelmed with all the products that my brain doesn’t really work. This product was one of those times. Yog Nog, if I am not wrong, is a Christmas exclusive, and looks like a slice of Tiramisu. As I am not a fan of spices and vanilla scents, I’m not particularly sure why I got this product.

However, I have to say that this scent is growing on me. It is moisturising and the scent lasts for hours, making me smell like a walking butter cake. It also lathers so much better than Sultana or Honey I washed the kids.
The Comforter bubble Bar

Another cult favourite would be the Comforter Bubble bar and it smells straight up bubblegum sweetness. After knowing that I will be having a tub in my hotel room in Phuket, I went straight towards the bath bombs and bubble section!

The bar itself was rather huge, and I learnt that it was good for about 2-4 baths if you break it prior. But since this will be one of the only times I will have a tub, I decided to be  greedy generous and just use the entire bar in one sitting!

So what I did was crush the bar under running water, and before I know it, there’s mountains and mountains of bubbles! I haven’t had so much fun in the tub, since I used to swim in the tub when I was a lot younger!  Below the mountains of bubbles, the water ( i had to sweep the bubbles aside several times) was stained a nice pink!

Let me tell you, the people at Lush were not joking. The bubbles are not those flimsy (is that how you describe it?) ones that you get from squirting copious amounts of shower gel into the running water. These bubbles are Hollywood-worthy I tell you!

However, a word of reminder to all who wish to venture into this bubble wonderland, is that to be really careful when stepping out of the tub. Homegirl nearly broke her neck, totally forgetting how slippery soap is.

Big Blue Bath bomb

I got this as i read it on the Lush website that it stains your bath water a nice azure, just like the ocean. And since I used this after a dive trip, what better way to commemorate it by?   

Maybe I got a bad batch, since it didn’t fizz as much as I wanted. No whizzing around the tub like a bee trapped in a room. Not fizzing like a can of soda either. It felt rather anti-climatic to be  honest.

However, the scent! Ok, maybe it does not smell like the ocean, but it sure as hell smells like clean linen, which is probably one of my favourite scents in the world (after the smell of books of course)! Those black stringy things you see in the tub are actual seaweed too! Although a tad gross looking, it was really soft, which breaks apart upon squeezing. So what do you think I did for the rest of the bath? I spent close to 20 mins squishing these buggers, and had hella fun!

So, finally, we’ve reached the end, of a really long post. I thank you for being so patient to actually get this far. The above are all my own opinions, but if you have other comments, feel free to comment down below. Also, if you have any other products you think I should try, let me know!

I hope you had a merry merry Christmas last weekend!

Signing off~


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