Be gone mouth cage!

Ok, this post might be a little late as it happened one the first week of January, but here it is, I FINALLY GOT MY BRACES OFF! Yes! The day I’ve spent the last 1 year plus, waiting for. Of course, I’ve grown somewhat attached to them, and I couldn’t wait for that day to finally come.

I was scheduled to remove them last December, but I didn’t really tell anyone, since I was afraid I would jinx it. Superstitious much? After all, the dentist can change his mind the last minute, if he thinks your teeth isn’t ready for freedom. But of course, my paranoia was uncalled for.

Removing them wasn’t painful, just like putting them on was not.  Although what scared me was when the dentist took a pair of plier looking tool, and started squeezing the glue between the brackets. You can see he was using loads of force, as his hands were shaking. And the cracking sound, ohmagawd, it just adds on to the fear.It sounds exactly like teeth cracking.

After all the braces were removed, I thanked my dentist, and was passed on to the dental hygienist. One look at my stained teeth and she knew, I’m a coffee and tea addict. The stains were not exactly a pretty sight, to be honest, and I prayed she could get the stains off. She helped to clean my teeth, and polish it. The process was not entirely painful, except that they used sodium bicarbonate (I think), as a polishing powder, so it was a salty and slightly painful process, since the powder went on not only the teeth, but on my lips, cheeks and tongue. I think this must be how tattooing those areas must feel like.

Anyway, the dental hygienist managed to remove all the stains caused by the coffee and tea! Oh, bless her soul. My teeth felt extremely slimy against my lips, and also slightly weak. After the polishing, they had to make the mold for the retainers. They pressed this green paste unto my teeth, which surprisingly smelled of mint (I was expecting nasty, no idea why). Then I was sent on my way home, to be back 2 days later to collect the retainers and be taught how to use them. In all honesty, it took me about 2 days to stop brushing my lips and tongue against my teeth, in awe of that smoothness.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the results. When I got back to work, my colleagues kept making fun of me by wearing sunglasses, since my teeth were supposedly “too bright”. Of course, I had to treat myself to my favourite gummy bears, since i have not eaten them ever since I put on my braces. Although eating crackers still makes me feel slightly guilty (since you aren’t suppose to eat them with braces on), it gives you a new appreciation for food.

Thank you Doctor Tan, and the staff of A Line braces clinic. Thank you for your patience in regards to answering my truckloads of questions, due to paranoia mostly caused by the stuff I read on the internet. Thank you giving me a reason to smile like an idiot =)

So, to end my braces journey, let me take selfie

IMG_6254 (1)

Signing off~



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