Spending Valentine’s Day with cats

After all the commotion of the day before, I wasn’t expecting very much for Valentines’. My man giving me a pebble (a shiny one) to signify his love (ya know, like penguins), was more than anything I can ask for. So after having lunch with my mum and uncles, I was quite surprised that he has booked a table for dinner. But, before that, we had some time to kill. We decided to make our way down to The Cats Museum, located at Purvis Street. Finding a parking lot was quite a hassle, but it was really worth it.

Anyone close to me will know that my love for cats came crashing like a wave, and before long, I was swept to join the cat army. From young, I dreamed of getting a place of my own, just so that I can own a dog.  But, times have changed, and so have I. I have no idea what got into me though. None of my friends owned cats, so it is definitely not peer influence. In fact, most of them own dogs!

You cannot believe how happy I was when my man agreed to bring me to the cat museum! It is not a museum with cat relics per se, but it is also a cat orphanage of sorts. There’s 3 levels you can explore, with the second level being more popular amongst the guests since there is a kitten nursery there! Yup! What’s more, is that you can play and cuddle with the kittens as well! We were first greeted by a dashing Maine Coon called Channing (yes, after Channing Tatum).

This cat has better hair than me, even on good hair days


 I spent more time than I expected in the nursery since at first, the whole room was sprawling with kids. It was a bit boring at first, since I couldn’t get close to the kittens and wanted to leave. But soon, feeding time came, and ermagawd, it’s one of the cutest buffet spread ever!

Of course, all these kittens are up for adoption.

After dinner, one of the kittens, named Bak Kwa (hokkien for barbequed pork), snuggled against my legs. So I picked him up to cradle him. Soon, he fell into a food coma. I’ve never had a cat fall asleep in my arms before, and the responsibility of ensuring my hands doesn’t move, in case he wakes up, was crushing me. It wasn’t long before my arms got numb. But lil’ kitty was asleep.

When Bak kwa woke up, some 20 minutes later, he decided to meow at me and leave. It was bittersweet. As the museum was closing soon, we decided to leave the nursery and explore the third level. Well, not before stumbling upon a few playful cats literally bouncing off the walls and my fiancé (still feels weird calling him that). The third level consists of the superstar cats. Not only are they really beautiful (think British shorthairs and Maine coons), they are named after celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston over here.

Mascot of the Cat museum, a cross-eyed cat!

We then went to Privé at Keppel Bay for dinner. Clam chowder was served in a black bread bowl. It wasn’t all that fantastic and the bread was not to my taste. The steak however, was good. Not Wooloomooloo good, but still good. My man also enjoyed his Squid Ink Seafood Risotto, which he washed down with a Corona.

And that’s it. Our first valentines’ as an engaged couple. I hope everyone had a great Valentines’!

Signing off~


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