Valentine’s eve

I still can’t believe that this just happened over the weekend.

My man has been bugging me to go to an island, off the coast of Singapore, called Coney Island. It’s a place for off road cycling, mosquitoes and sand flies. Of course, it’s a perfect place for photo shoots as well, since until recently, this island has been relatively untouched and unreachable by the public.

So we made plans to go there, in the search of the lone cow (yeap, there’s only one cow on the whole island), at the same time, explore the area, much to my hesitation. Much as I love the outdoors and cycling, I do not see myself as a buffet lunch for the various blood sucking insects there.

The bicycle ride there was both relaxing and fun. Riding by the sea, before hitting the rough terrain on the island. I have to admit, it was quite fun, having not done this in a while. After 10 mins of cycling or so, I saw balloons on one of the beach area, which my man signaled to stop for a drink. Suddenly, he blindfolded me from behind and led me to God knows where. I heard cameras clicking, but he brushed it off for bird watchers in the area, and I was made to sit on a log before he handed me an Ipad. For a brief moment, I thought he has given me an Ipad for Valentines. There was music, and I was told to open my eyes. The Ipad was playing a video montage of us, with all the silly pictures we have taken together.


When it ended, I was blindfolded again, and made to stand. When I can open my eyes, there he was. On one knee in front of me. My heart stopped.



I am forever grateful to those involved in this with my man, now my fiancé, especially to Jo. I’m totally speechless and I love you guys so much.



And to my fiancé, I’m amazed at how you brought the family together, and also making this possible, with 4 different groups of friends.



Forever yours

Signing off~

PS: The Ipad wasn’t the present.


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