Dear Sephora 

To my dearest Sephora,

As I held you in my arms, and you took your last breathe, it took everything in me not to just cry. I did everything to bring back your health, to make you as comfortable, even though you were withering away before me. You were so frail, you wouldn’t even care if i held your paw. Just lying on your side in my palm just broke my heart and I felt so much regret, for all the lost times. I knew you were leaving, and yet you just kept fighting to keep breathing. I’ve never felt so helpless.

You were the most affectionate hammy I knew, I’m sure everyone who met you will attest to this. I know I wasn’t suppose to play favourites, but you made it so easy to love you. I’ll never forget the way you used to lick my fingers, the way you will grab unto them just to climb into my palms. Your huge eyes looking at me like some anime character out of the TV screen. You will definitely be sorely missed and I hope you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge safely. That you are happier and healthier now, bouncing around on sunflower seed clouds, on the other side.

Goodbye for now, but I’m sure we will meet again. I hope you will wait for me, just like you used, for the past 4 years.

Back to happier times


With all my love.


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