Saving Belle – Part 1

Belle (we decided to name her that for easy referencing) is one of the stray dogs that stays at my man’s workplace (which is a shipyard). Despite being strays, they are very well looked after since my man likes to buy dog food for them and they have became friendly with most of the workers there.


Awww moment in the afternoon before the accident

When Belle was out running around one night, she got hit by a truck. Unfortunately, the only witness to the accident was on board a bus and could not make out the license plate number in order to lodge a police report.

Left foot in an awkward angle

 The next day, one of the workers found her in the drain. By then, she was dragging her hind legs (one of them was at a really awkward angle) around and refused to eat anything. My man and I rushed her to the United Vet clinic after work to get her x-rays and blood work done. The results:
– shattered left Tibia
– broken pelvic
– broken rib
– possible internal bleeding
– possible lung infection
– low white and red blood cells
Dr Nelson suggested seeing a specialist which might amount up to SGD$8,000. Alternatively, Dr Nelson can do the surgery which might amount up to $3,000 but with slightly less than ideal results. If we decide not to go ahead with surgery, we might have to euthanize her as she will be in immense pain for the rest of her life.
Upon hearing the exponential cost, I felt a heavy boulder in my stomach, how can we cough up such a huge sum of money when we are saving for our wedding and our house? I needed to save this pup.

On IV drip and strong painkiller meds

First idea that came to mind was to set up a crowdfunding page. For my dear readers who wish to help, please do donate to this page. Even a dollar, is very much appreciated.
 The second idea came the next day, which was to seek help from charity organisations. Well, out of the 5-6 organisations I’ve emailed, only 2 got back to me, one from SPCA and the other from Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS).
SPCA turned me down and told me to seek help from social media.
CAS, on the other hand, responded to me really quickly. I have been corresponding with Christina from CAS and she has been awfully patient, sympathetic and kind. She agreed to help me with the cost of the $3k surgery! *pops champagne*
 Of course, there are other money factors, such as hospitalisation bills and medicine. My man even started questioning himself if its worth it to spend so much money on a stray. But how can I just not do anything? I’m not a believer of Euthanasia, and I do not believe that we have the right to end an animal’s life, unless the vet says that the animal cannot be saved anymore.
 When we visited her last night, we met with more bad news. It seems that things are getting more complicated as she isn’t peeing. She hasn’t peed for the whole night, so they had to put a catheter in her. Seems like she needs to stay for another night. The told us that her not peeing might mean it might be a nerve issue and not just a couple of broken bones, which will require a CT scan to be sure. He suggested going to a specialist for an opinion even if we do not go ahead with surgery with the specialist. Furthermore, having broken both her pelvic and tibia, can mean they might have to spread through 2 surgeries instead of one! Another rock in my tummy since CAS agreed to $3k, and I really do not want to impose on their financial resources.
One the bright side, she has just started eating on her own! Prior to that, they have been force feeding her. Her red blood count is also slowly climbing back to normal, with no internal injuries. She even manage to give us a little tail wag when she saw us! Weirdly, I started praying for pee and poop.

Second night at the Vet’s

 My man will be going down again tonight to check up on her, and hear the plans from the vet. Will update again soon!

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