Saving Belle Part 2

So here’s an update of Belle so far from where we last left off.

It turned out that the SGD$3K kindly contributed by CAS to Belle was not enough, as the total cost of surgery plus hospitalisation amounted up to SGD10K, which means there is still SGD7K which still needs to be paid. That is an astronomical sum for us! Thankfully, Noah’s Ark CARES (another animal welfare group in Singapore) decided to take up Belle’s case, and before we know it, Belle is being whisked off to surgery.

Still groggy post surgery

The surgery lasted for about 6 hours, which was awfully long. Dr Nelson said he decided to start working on her Tibia and Hip as those are the more pressing issues. The next few days, Belle was still on urinary catheter as she was still not peeing, until the good doctor decided to put her on medicine that induces pee.

It was such a relief to see her pee finally, after being on urinary Catheter for almost a month, even though at the back of our minds, we knew it was because of the medicine. It would be really awful if she had to live on the pee medicine for the rest of life.

When we went to see her again a few days after the surgery, she seems well enough to stand up in her cage and seems to be pacing around. She was getting really restless by then.

We then tried to take her out for a walk, as the clinic previously sent us a video of her walking around the clinic post surgery. All seems well, but she seemed to keep eating grass. It was then, she started having massive diarrhea. It thankfully stopped by the next day, and she was cleared for discharge a few days after as she could pee without the medication! By then, she has been in the clinic for about a month.


Two pins to secure the pelvic

7 pins to hold the Tibia in place


It was time to bring her home. The doctor did mention lots of bed rest and to keep her confined in a small area, but to the free-spirited Belle, no cage is going to stop her. She will try her very best to free herself from the cage, at any cost. So now, she freely roams around the living room.

It took a bit of getting used to on her part, as the first few days, she will just be hiding in a corner. But now, she has grown into such a sweet sweet girl, its impossible not to fall in love with her. She follows everyone, everywhere. She has been eating well, although still quite a fussy eater, gaining approximately 1kg per week!

There’s still some time before her cast can be off, as the doctor still needs to do another X-ray near Christmas time to ensure that her fractures have healed etc. For now, she seems to be walking, and attempting to run many many times.

Being a stray, of course it is a tad harder to train her. But her kisses aka licks, and tail wagging makes it so much more worth it.


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