On the road: Western Australia

At last I am able to sit down to type this post. It has been overdue for about 2 weeks. Back from a long hiatus, only to realise WordPress’s format has changed again?? Why can’t I move my pictures anymore? Copy and pasting can be quite a pain in the ass.

After my last trip to Australia, I could not wait to go back again. So my man and I decided to get tickets to Perth, Western Australia. And since he could not get enough of long distance driving, this trip will solely be the two of us with him as the driver. It has been too long since we had a trip just the two of us.

Even though we bought air tickets early, our planning was totally last minute. With him throwing all the planning to me, and me having to clear my work as best as I could before flying, there wasn’t much time where we actually sat down to discuss the itinerary.


Booked our Kia Sportage through Hertz. Was not prepared for the cold.

The day before our flight, there was some problem with the credit card used to pay for our hotel, which led to Agoda cancelling our booking, and the prices had since increased by $300! After several calls and using another card, I am so thankful to Agoda and team, and also Trade Winds hotel for honouring the price of our previous booking. Trade Winds hotel even bumped us up to a suite!

The first day just involved us flying to Perth, reaching there about 5PM. As our hotel was in Fremantle, we decided to just drive there first, get dinner, and settle for the night. The suite that they put us in was gorgeous with so much space and a beautiful bathroom. People who has been to Perth will testify that after 5PM, nothing much really happens around and it can get quite boring. So thank you Trade Winds hotel for providing free movies which came in really handy during the boring nights.

Dinner that night was really simple, with us buying pizza from the nearby Domino’s (which was surprisingly good) and just relaxing in the our room, eating pizza and watching Deep Water Horizon on TV.


Picture from Agoda

Day 2 – Caversham Wildlife park + Lancelin

With the sunrise being so early in the morning, we were obligated to start our day early too. First stop was to the highly rated Caversham Wildlife park and homegirl will not make the same mistake as the last time. Although we had planned to stay about 5 hours, we still overshot our time because homegirl could not stop taking photos with kangaroos.


To be honest, I have never seen a real life Kookaburra

Comparing this with Currumbin WIldlife in Gold Coast, this is place is definitely smaller, but they offer one thing which is different. You get to feed Kangaroos! Which was an extremely fun experience for me. It sort of created this connection between human and animal which cannot really be described.

Seeing lambs for the first time

Alpacas are hella cute!

After Caversham, we made a mad rush to Lancelin.

Funny story: his mum told him to bring a jacket just before he left for the airport. Long story short, the look of regret.

Lancelin Sand Dunes is located about 2 hours drive from Caversham Park. We were getting worried as after the sand dunes, we wanted to visit the alien looking Pinnacles. We reached Lancelin about 3PM, and sand boarded ( wriggling my butt trying to make the board move) for around 10-15 mins. Rental of the sand board costs about $10AUD, which is quite expensive, since we didn’t use it much.

There was much debate on whether we should try to make it to the Pinnacles, and decided to cut Lancelin early to make a mad dash there. After returning the board, we talked to the staff of the rental company, who told us that it will be impossible to make it to Pinnacles before sunset ( damn the early sunsets here). My man seemed a tad disappointed, since he really enjoyed the sand dunes and I had to cut it short for him.

On the way back to our hotel in Fremantle, we decided to stop by a town called ‘Seabird’ as we saw a billboard advertising their food in the tavern. My man, wanting to be spontaneous, and fueled by hunger, decided to just turn in. We were welcomed by the ocean!

Dinner was fish and chips which was surprisingly good. Kinda awkward since aside from us, there were only 2 other tables occupied.

Day 3 – Rottnest Island

Rottness Island was one of the main reason I wanted to go to Perth, to see the totally adorbs Quokkas! We settled the ferry tickets about 2 nights before as the the hotel receptionist advised that it can get very packed. Our ferry was 10AM, with the pick up point (B Shed) about 5 minutes drive from our hotel, so we had some time for breakfast.

The sea was quite rough and I found myself wishing I had not had that Latte, since my stomach was starting to churn, hoping to get back on land as soon as possible. The ferry ride was about half an hour and soon, we were cycling along the pier towards mainland.

The air was really chilly, and we kinda regretted paying for the snorkel as there is no way I will be going into the water at this temperature. But cycling around feels good, with the salty ocean air blowing unto your face. With almost no cars in sight, and the after the bustle of the little town located near the pier, the tranquility and vastness, with just the 2 of us cycling side by side, really makes this day fun!

Of course! We were also keeping our eyes peeled for the Quokkas, which we spotted about half an hour later into cycling. The Quokkas, we realised were not afraid of humans, it seems like they were all too used to our presence. They can be seen in cafes and shops near the little town looking for food. However, after seeing a lady get bitten by one of these little guys (no blood drawn thankfully), I do not dare to get to close.

Henrietta Rocks

We had a super fun day just cycling the area, tiring, but not sweaty which was perfect. I had however, wished we took the bus that circles around the island so that we can actually see the other parts of the island and not be restricted by my very limited stamina.

We took the second last ferry back to Fremantle and decided to try out Kailis Fish and Chips. After reading various blogs, it seems that Kailis and Ciserello’s were a must try.

Too cold to sit out

We sat down and were blown away by the food. The oysters, brought a certain sweetness after the saltiness, which was a really pleasant surprise. The portions of the Fish and Chips were huge that we found ourselves having to tabao (take away) to continue in the hotel. As for the seafood chowder, I cannot get enough! This was indeed a really satisfying meal.

Day 4 – Busselton Jetty, Boranup Lookout, Canal Rocks, Hamelin Bay

Woke up really early since we had a roadtrip to look forward to. So many places, too little time. First stop, Busselton Jetty.

Typical English Breakfast; my favourite kind of breakfast

We decided to buy the package for both the train and the Underwater Observatory; which amounted to about $30AUD. The train ride out to the underwater observatory was really fun, and extremely chilly at the same time, since the the train actually ride out 1.7km towards the ocean!

The underwater observatory was really interesting, as it was totally different from seeing marine life from an aquarium. You will not be able to anticipate what marine life you will be seeing, which makes it even more interesting, trying to find and name them. We even saw a school of Salmon just chilling near the surface and to be honest, I never expected Salmon to look the way they do. When you say Salmon, I think of raw pink meat on a bed of ice.

Moving on, we head towards Canal Rocks, on the way to Magaret River region, a place that is not always featured in the blogs that I read, but oh my lawd, the view was breathtaking and striking! I am not sure why this place is not featured much. There were not a lot of people, so that makes plenty of photo opportunities.

As we drove out of Canal Rocks towards Boranup Karri forest, we did a slight detour and found ourselves at Yallingup Beach which houses spectacular views.

We decided to drive up to the look out of Boranup Karri forest, which was about an hour drive form Canal Rocks and were treated to yet another spectacular view. The tall trees made me feel minuscule.

Last stop of the day was Hamelin Bay, where I read that Sting Rays actually come up to the beach and you can actually touch them. However, when we reached there, it started to drizzle, and only one Sting Ray can be found.

A walk on the beach with my man, with a gorgeous sunset overlooking the beach was good enough to complete my day though.

We drove back to Fremantle, wanting to try Ciserello’s, but they said they were closing. Mind you, we reached there about 8PM, soo we settled dinner at a diner not far from the hotel.

Day 5 – Fremantle , Perth City

Towards the end of our trip, we decided we had enough of the road trips and decided to explore Perth City (since we stayed in Freo) and Freo. But first, we had to make a pit stop at Fremantle Market for some breakfast.

Pretzel too pretty to be eaten

Another highly acclaimed attraction was the Fremantle prison. We did the basic day tour called ‘Doing Time’ which costs about $20AUD/pax. The guide made the tour really fun, making jokes and giving us historical details of prisoners who stayed there previously. I really wanted to give their other tours a try, which includes Tunnels Tour and Night Tour, but we did not have the time.

The Blue Boathouse; one of the most instagrammable places

King’s Park

London Court

London Court – a quaint little street that replicates old London, but yet, if you missed it, you ain’t missing much. We spent a grand total of 5 minutes there, walked from one end to the other, and that’s about it. Shops there do not interest me much.

Followed a tip on TripAdvisor, asking me to go to St. Mary’s Cathedral, and I walked into a mass service. So to people saying that I do not go to church, I went to church in Perth! Talk about awkwardness.

For dinner, we wanted to try Cicerello’s, but after seeing the price of the Seafood Chowder, I dragged my man out and walked towards Kailis. Furthermore, I was craving oysters which Cicerello’s do not have.

Day 5 – Perth City, Murdoch University

The last day of our trip found us roaming around Perth City, partly in search of Sunday markets and being quite disappointed after checking out of the hotel. Maybe it’s a Singaporean thing, but I was not expecting the Sunday market at Hay street to be so sparse. And the parking, oh mah lawd, was horrid! We couldn’t find a parking for close to 2 hours, so we were just going round in circles in Perth’s CBD area.

We decided to just have lunch at Maccas (McDonald’s), and hooray for ‘All Day Breakfast’! The Vanilla Smoothie which is also no longer available in Singapore is also available here. After lunch, we drove by Cottosloe Beach, but sadly was not in the beach wear.

Before heading to the airport, I definitely have to drop by my alma mater, Murdoch University.

This trip has really been eye opening and gave me and my man a much needed break from work. This trip was also long overdue since the last time my man and I went on a trip just the two of us, was back in Boracay, which was 3 years ago?

I seriously cannot wait for our next Aussie adventure, which my man is actually planning; driving from Darwin to Adelaid. Let me know in the comments if this is even possible.


Signing off~



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