Israel Part II- Transforming fiction to reality

If you haven’t read the first installment, you can find it here.

Day 3 –  Mount Arbel

First stop of the day brought us to this gorgeous place with mesmerizing views, Mount Arbel. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure to be in. The panoramic views over to the Sea of Galilee is surreal and it will be no wonder if Jesus actually spent time up here to pray.

Tel Dan

Home to many archaeological sites, as well as one of the oldest arch gate ever recorded, Tel Dan is the ancient capital city of the tribe of Dan.


Built about 1800 B.C.

Caesarea Phillipi

Known as Panias after the Greek god, Pan, this city was steeped in idol worship both during the Greek and Roman periods. They even have a cave where they used to do human sacrifices.

Majestic Rock Badger is majesctic

Golan Heights

A really scenic plateau overlooking Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. It was so high up, it was extremely cold. Getting out hands out of our pockets to take a photo also proved a rather difficult task.

Overpriced hot chocolate was welcomed

Day 4 – Harod Springs

Also known as the Springs of Gideon, this is the pool where Gideon chose his 300 warriors to battle, where they were chosen based on how they drank water.

Traditional Challah bread used by the Jewish during the Shabbat (Sabbath).

Jordan River

The place where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, we went to an area that was maintained by a kibbutz (a community that works together and sharing what they have with each other), where you see many people on pilgrims getting baptised in the waters of Jordan.

Interestingly, the opposite bank where we were, will be Jordan.

Very friendly female Israeli soldiers

Wadi Qelt

One of the most beautiful places that I have been in and one of the most famous roads from Jericho to Jerusalem where Jesus walked many times.


Our first look at the famous Jerusalem where it is considered a holy land to Muslims, Jewish, and Christians.

My dad was crazy for these breads

Feeling like I’ve been here before #assassinscreedfan

King David’s Tomb

This place was buzzing with both tourists and locals alike, all waiting for their chance to visit the tomb. We were separated into male and females, to go in into our respective sections. Males were also required to wear the yamacca before making their way in.

The Upper Room

Also known as the place where the last supper took place. Just standing there gave me an unexplained feeling, even though this place may or may not be the exact room.

The guide showing us how Da Vinci’s last supper was technically wrong, since during Jesus’s time, they would have been having the meals while reclining around a square table

The temple mount

Since it was the Shabbat, the hotel (which I will talk about later) prepared a table where the women can go to light candles and pray for the safety of their family.

The hotel that I stayed in at Jerusalem, was the Leonardo hotel which all in all, was a beautiful hotel. Only funny thing was, it was the only hotel that I have been in that has guest rooms on the first floor, and it had to be me and my sister’s room! So once I opened the door to my room, I am immediately at the hotel lobby. Convenient? Yes, but way too awkward in a don’t mind if I pop into my room kinda way.

This is all for the second installment. Don’t miss out on the first installment!

Signing off~


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