Huge Lush Haul

And I really mean huge. I love love LOVE Lush so much, it has become an addiction. I’m slowly converting every product that I own into something Lush. Be it facial care or bodycare, if Lush has it, I’m changing it. Of course, as I said in my previous post, I love Lush for all that it stands for, and so, i don’t mind paying a bit more to help support the cause. Of course, my wallet highly disagrees.

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I am a LUSHIE!!!

Ever since I got my first Tarte product, see previous post, I have been on the lookout for products that do not support animal testing. I have always been an animal lover, so any brands that has the leaping bunny symbol makes me so excited! That is also one of the main reasons I started using Tarte cosmetics.

download (1)

Although I know that all cosmetics or skin care should be tested, it should be done on human volunteers and not on animals. Not only do animals not have the same genetic make up as us (hence what works on them might not work on us, and vice versa), they do not have a choice. I seriously doubt bunnies and monkeys need any form of make up or skincare applied on them.

So when I learnt of this brand called Lush, from Marzia Cutiepie, raving about BIG shampoo from Lush, I immediately went to check this brand out. BIG is basically a shampoo that consists of sea salt, so it adds tons of volume to your hair.

I went on to research further about this brand, and I have to say, I LOVE THEIR PHILOSOPHY! Not only do they fight against animal testing (founders have been fighting against animal testing for years, and they don’t do business with any supplier that supports animal testing), they use natural products (they are all biodegradable), makes their products by hand using little to no preservatives, packaging is all recycled and they support community fair trade. What is there not to love?

I was so excited about Lush that I went down to their outlet a few days later. Although they are not the most convenient, but I somehow managed to persuade my man to bring me there, and I wasn’t disappointed. The whole shop looks so fun! Although it can be a tad daunting since there were so many products, covering every corner of the shop, the staff were really friendly and patient, answering my silly questions.

IMG_5268 (1)

One day, I will get my hands on these when I get a bath tub

IMG_5273 (1)

IMG_5272 (1)

I had a few products in mind that I wanted to try since they had raving reviews, mainly Angels on Bare Skin, Dark Angels and Herbalism, but since it was my first time there, I decided to just ask the staff what is suitable for my skin.  I went there particularly to look for a facial scrub and maybe a hydrating mask, since the only mask I have at home is my Glamglow Super Mud mask, which was meant for clarifying, doing nothing much for the moisturizing department, in my opinion. I also wanted to get the BIG shampoo, however, the staff said that it will cause my bleached and dyed hair colour to wash away. The staff seemed really enthusiastic about their products, unlike any other brands (I’m looking at you, Sephora!). She recommended me Ocean Salt for my oily skin, and since I told her my skin is a tad sensitive, she recommended me the self-preserving ones, only difference between the two is that the self-preserving ones are a lot more gentler and do not have any preservatives; like Parabens.

She then went on to recommend me a few masks that are freshly made, so they need to be refrigerated when not in use, or else they will go mouldy (eeewww).  I tried the Cupcake on my left hand and Cosmetic Warrior on my right. To be honest, one of the main reason I went with Cosmetic Warrior, is that the colour does not resemble fecal matter. Also, the smell of cupcake is too sweet and offputting.

IMG_5271 (2)

How can anyone not feel hungry? These are face masks and not ice-cream. Now chant that while choosing a mask to use.

While I tested and talked to the staff, my man went browsing around the store, and a soap called Porridge, caught his eye. He started joking about it, saying how we can eat it if we’re hungry in the shower, and what do you know, he bought said soap and a exfoliating scrub soap bar called Sandbox. It was surprising to me, since my man is one that only sticks to certain brands for life, even if it does nothing for his skin. I love how you can just tell the staff how much soap you intend to buy and they just cut it to that portion, feels like buying meat in a marketplace, since the prices stated are per 100 grams.

IMG_5270 (2)

Finally done with my purchase and on the way home, really excited to try it.


The review:

I bought both the Ocean Salt and Cosmetic Warrior in small sized, since this was my first time trying this brand, just in case, ya know, it doesn’t work. Although a lot of people says its pricey for such a small tub, about SGD$26 each, personally I do not mind paying, since I know they are fresh and handmade, and knowing that I’m supporting so many good causes with my purchase. And c’mon, these are a lot cheaper than the Glamglow mud mask and facial wash that I have raved about, those tubs are waaaaay smaller and costs 3 times as much!

Ocean Salt

IMG_5287 IMG_5288The first thing that hits you when applying this was the smell. Maybe this is the same for all their products, but the smell of this reminds me of sipping Lime Magarita by the seaside. Slowly it became a bit warm as you scrubbed on, maybe due to the vodka in this formula (yes, there’s vodka in this). This is quite grainy as there is course seasalt in this. At first, I was a bit worried, since I had a few really painful pimples on my face and this is literally applying salt to wound. But all i got was a slight tingly sensation, and the warming effect. However, after washing off, AWW MAA GAAWWDD, my skin has not felt so soft! Its amazing! It also comes with this sticker at the side, which tells you who made the formula you’re using, when he/she made it and when you should use it by. Reminds you of Freeds Classics no?


Sorry if this is super blur. It says that this product is made by Imrek. So , HI IMREK!!

As you can see, almost everything on the ingredients list is recognizable and natural (please ignore the hole in the cloth, it was quite late last night when I took these pictures)IMG_5292

Cosmetic Warrior

After using the Ocean Salt as a scrub, I used the Cosmetic Warrior as a mask. As this has been in the fridge, the cooling sensation of the mask was really quite something. Although there has been tons of reviews saying how bad this smells, I personally enjoyed the smell of it, and thought that it was quite relaxing. This contains antibacterial garlic and tea tree oil to rid of breakouts, egg whites for pore tightening and honey. I left it on my face for about 10 mins, since they said to wash off before the product dries and GAAWWDD, my face was sooo smooth and soft its unbelievable! Angry pimples seemed to have calmed down a bit as well. I know I keep saying ‘GAAWWWD’, but that was seriously what I thought while in the bathroom using these products.


Only downside of this mask, is that it has a really short shelf life, about 3 weeks, when stored in the fridge, due to the natural ingredients that is used.

So far, I’m in love with the products that I’ve got. My man has yet to try his soaps since they require a soap dish to store it properly, and he’s got none. But I’ve got to say, homegirl here is a convert. Where has Lush been all my life and why am I knowing this brand only now??  If there are any Lush products that are Holy Grail status, or in your opinion is really good, please do let me know!

I am a LUSHIE!!!

Signing Off~

Perfect Pointe Shoe Quest Continues….

I am so excited! Over the weekend, I went for my first ever, pointe shoe fitting! Although I have been pointe work for years, I haven’t had the chance to get fitted to the point(e) (pun much intended) of choosing 9-10 pairs at once. As my current studio sells pointe shoes as well, previously Bloches and Grishkos, now Wear Moi (which personally, I feel, looks really bulky) I usually just get fitted by my teacher and buy whatever she recommends to me.

Now, I have been obsessed with Freeds of London, ever since I tried on an old dying(with still a few uses left) pair from my teacher’s daughter, and OH…….. feels like heaven! It was comfortable as hell (not sure if its because it has been broken in) or that the whole look of the shoe was gorgeous. Well, this was probably 2-3 years ago. But I haven’t forgotten that feeling.

So after my last pointe shoe died on me ( my second pair of Chacott COAD), I decided its time to get a pair of Freeds (at last and courtesy of mummy dearest). I made my way down to Chacott’s flagship store (yeap, they sell Freeds there now), all excited, that I totally forgot that I needed to make an appointment to get fitted. After all, I have never worn Freeds and thus have no idea what I should get. I did however, bring along my old pair of COAD, which hopefully might be of some help.

The lady at the shop was a tad annoyed, since I didn’t make an appointment and that she had another appointment in half an hour’s time, but she gave in after I kinda begged her (no way am I making my way there again, as its close to a 45 minutes drive, which le bf might probably kill me). We tried a bunch of shoes, starting from the Freeds Studios, which totally did not suit me, lots of sinking into the shoe, and gave a really bulky look, before finally settling for Freeds Classics Light.

IMG_5117FullSizeRender (6)

The feeling was so different! I felt supported, and really stable.

For people who have no idea what the difference is between the two, the Studios are manufactured (factory made) so they are readily available, while the Classics are handmade by different makers. Mine was made by O maker (Freeds gives such weird names to the makers), and his sign is stamped at the sole of the shoe.

ScreenHunter_63 Jun. 04 15.27

Doesn’t this feel extremely personal?

So I was thinking, why not create a list with reviews on my pointe shoe collection (note that there are quite a few that have been to the bin and thus forgotten)?

1) Sansha Ovation 3/4

ScreenHunter_64 Jun. 04 17.13

This was my first EVER pointe shoe. I made a terrible terrible misake with these. Since my teacher told me to get pointe shoes, I researched and got myself the cheapest in the market; at that time was about SGD$45. Although with 3/4 shank, it means that you will have a nice arch, but the box was terribly bulky and far too wide for my feet. I wore it for a couple of weeks before discarding it (thus the lack of real life picture).

I have a pair of blue ones as well, as an impulse buy when I went to Bangkok, Thailand. Could not really fit, but it was oh so pretty~ Of course, this pair has never seen the light of day, since we’re not allowed to wear other colours besides pink, to class.


2) Bloche Seranades


My teacher then proposed that I try the Seranades, since she was stocking them. It looks slightly better than the Sanshas, but the shank was too hard. Or maybe my feet was still weak back then. But yea, with the hard shank, I didn’t have a nice arch, it was hard to roll through demi. Will not ever get them again.

Funny story: One day, the stepmum thought that my bloches look really dirty and so decided to give it a wash. Long story short, the shoes had hardly a black spot on them, and they were as dead as it gets #booknerdalert.

4) Grishkos 2007 Pros

FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (3)

I got these during Swan Lake season, so instead of pink, mine was white. I love these, and still do. They were relatively easy to break in and gave me a nice arch. They were really stable and really pretty. If Freeds do not work for me down the road, I will most likely go back to these.

3) Chacott COAD

FullSizeRender (4)



FullSizeRender (5)

I had 2 pairs of these, bought within a span of a few months. The first was a second hand from my dance teacher’s daughter, which she broke in and didn’t like it after. The colour was beautiful, kinda in a salmon-ey shade instead of the usual pale pink and gave me a really nice line. The 2nd, was bought by my ballet buddy when she went to Hong Kong (or was it Japan? I can’t remember). Back then, Singapore didn’t have a Chacott store, so the only way to get it was either from Japan or Hong Kong. She knew my shoe size, down to the amount of Xs (that’s how close we are). Since my first pair was a hand-me-down and might not have much life in them, I told her to get me a second pair.

The first pair was great, but I had a love-hate relationship with the second pair. They feel oddly uncomfortable and unstable. I’m not sure if its just me, but there are times, I find it hard to roll through demi. It doesn’t look as good as the first, since it looks bulky and doesn’t show much arch. There wasn’t much of a support as well, so doing pirouttes en pointe can feel kind of daunting. Also, the colour can stand out quite a bit. Imagine, orange in the midst of pale pink, it can sometimes feel like its sticking out like a sore thumb.

Another funny story: I just figured out the night before why the 2nd pair was such a disaster. Turns out, my ballet buddy bought it in hard shank, as you can see in the pictures. Maybe she has too much trust in my feet. Did not realise that until I took photos of them.

So while I was looking watching some ballet videos on Youtube, I came across some Youtubers saying about how dancers should wear their toe pads under their tights to make their toe pads last longer. However, I don’t see how a thin layer of tights is able to do that.  Now, I’m not sure if its a cultural issue, but most all Singaporean dancers I know wear their toe pads over their tights, mostly due to the convenience when changing shoes.

What do you think? Do you wear your toe pads over or under your tights, and why?

Signing off~

Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

Caught this movie over the weekend, and I must say, it is probably one of the best spy movies I have ever seen. It has the hilarity of the ‘Austen Powers’ franchise without being too tacky, not as serious as the Bond movies, and guys in custom fitted suits? My my, give me some sugar. 


I, of course, did not watch it for men in suits (although it is quite an incentive), but for the ravings of the movie from my friends. So I dragged my man to watch it with me and god was it worth it.

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Romance is in the air; so what is wrong with my Plié?

Valentine’s weekend has gone and past, and with it, hundreds of dollars spent by my man; on food, present , flowers, you name it, he bought it. It was quite heartbreaking for me to see him spend so much money on me, even though it was worth it and now he has made me feel so guilty, like my present to him wasn’t worth as much.


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Move along if you’re not above 21


My buddy, Bernie, made me watch this film last night after months of avoiding delaying watching it as after Bernie told me the synopsis of movie, I’m not sure if I am entirely up for it.  I do enjoy a slasher movie once in a while, like I Spit On Your Grave (go girl power!), but this, man, made me question the sanity of the director thin line of morals that man can step over and still think it’s ok. Surely, nothing can be worst than Human Centipede right? Right?? Wrong! This movie made Human Centipede look like a relatively light-hearted walk in the park.

Please note that this movie is R21, so please, if you are not above 21, do yourself a favor by not polluting your mind with what this director is providing. Oh, and please don’t read on.


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