Soubresaut en whaaat?

Soubresaut en pointe. Is it possible? Apparently so.

How about changement en pointe? Not as bad as I thought.

So my teacher decided that we should all be spending more class time doing pointe work. So after a quick barre, what better way to do petit allegro than doing it on pointe?

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Thou shalt wear G-strings for ballet class

And I’m not even kidding.

One of my dance friends wore a pair of boyshorts panty to class last sunday (why we can see it? My class adopts the traditional leotards over pink tights look, so yea, her leotard can never cover her undies. Its not even talking about VPL anymore when its pink tights you are wearing) and the first thing my teacher said when we were waiting at the barre for class to start was: why are you wearing ugly undies? Dancers should always wear G-Strings! Next time wear a G-String to class!

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Worst Feeling In The World

Many would say its a broken heart, but after last week’s ballet class, I beg to differ.

I have a condition called Chronic Sinusitis. So this results in me sneezing every morning, after I bath, when I’m in a dusty environment, or even a sudden change of temperature, like stepping out from an air-conditioned room into the hot sun. But yesterday, it seems to hit me so much harder.

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Romance is in the air; so what is wrong with my Plié?

Valentine’s weekend has gone and past, and with it, hundreds of dollars spent by my man; on food, present , flowers, you name it, he bought it. It was quite heartbreaking for me to see him spend so much money on me, even though it was worth it and now he has made me feel so guilty, like my present to him wasn’t worth as much.


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You’re wearing pointe shoes, you must be a ballerina!

I was looking through several blog shops as I needed to do some much needed shopping. Due to my procrastination and laziness, I did not shop for Chinese New Year while everyone else was. So when I decided it’s time to do it, begrudgingly, to part with my money, I realised that most of the nicer clothes on the blog shops that I frequent were all OOS (out of stock). I grew desperate and went to forage through the internet, for all the blog shops that I could ever think of, and came across this on Thread Theory:

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No pain no gain weekend

Phew! What a weekend!

This whole weekend has just been so hectic, it’s even difficult to breathe.

So I went to tighten my braces again after a tuition class on Saturday, and gosh was it painful. It definitely wasn’t as painful as the very first time putting it on, but I haven’t experience this pain in a long time! So I went with pink and red this time, red for Chinese New Year, and pink for Valentine’s Day.

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