Boracay: Paradise Found 27Nov- 3rd December 2013

Please excuse my procrastination. I am being held up by school work and Team Fortress 2(whoever plays this, please comment and add me!). Here is the very much awaited Boracay post.

I remember, 2 weeks before I’m bound for Boracay,Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines. I, like every other traveler, was worried out of my mind on what will become of my trip, since it was on the news that the typhoon did, indeed hit Boracay. I checked Tripadvisor several times, refreshing the page every 5 minutes to see updates on what the other travelers(who were already there) wrote about the situation. I also wrote several emails to the resort that I’m staying, and the staff have been really reassuring, telling me that they have not been really affected except for power outages.

I decided to just YOLO (with wit, since I bought travel insurance just in case. I don’t usually have the habit to buy travel insurance since I would rather spend those extra moolahs on the trip itself.) and go ahead with my trip.

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Ballet updates and aquarium disaster

So I have been reading through my first post, and realised I didn’t update from then. So I got through Intermediate Foundation examination, with less than flying colours, but I managed to get on the list of potentials for Intermediate exam on my teacher’s list. However, I couldn’t for the love of God get my lazy ass off my bed. I swear there is some sort of force field around it. So yea, I’m off the Intermediate list, for now. It’s my own fault, I know. A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda, right?

Be that as it may, I caught myself playing with the idea of going on a ballet hiatus. I know, I know, the blasphemy of that thought right? But truth be spoken, it has been putting a strain on my wallet. Furthermore, my studio has decided to raise prices.

To digress, I woke up this morning with 2 dead male guppies and 3/4 of my guppy fry dead! The only thing I can think of is that when Mr Sucker (my pleco) started flipping the sand in the middle of the night, due to insufficient space because of the UV light given to me by Keith, it caused an ammonia spike and killed them.

Maybe it’s for the best? I have been thinking that my aquarium was overcrowded and this disaster may be a blessing in disguise. But just to see the dead bodies of babies on the gravel and stuck at the filter, it breaks my heart.

If anyone knows what may have gone wrong besides the ammonia spike conclusion, please do let me know in the comments.

Also, regarding the ballet vs pursestrings issue, please do let me know your thoughts, advise are always welcome!