Saving Belle Part 2

So here’s an update of Belle so far from where we last left off.

It turned out that the SGD$3K kindly contributed by CAS to Belle was not enough, as the total cost of surgery plus hospitalisation amounted up to SGD10K, which means there is still SGD7K which still needs to be paid. That is an astronomical sum for us! Thankfully, Noah’s Ark CARES (another animal welfare group in Singapore) decided to take up Belle’s case, and before we know it, Belle is being whisked off to surgery.

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Anniversary weekend

My man and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last Saturday, and boy, does my guy not disappoint. After a day of awkward science tuition (teaching my male student about the female anatomy, puberty and menstrual cycle), my guy brought me to a restaurant that we have never been to before. Usually I will be happy with Japanese food, but he decided to go for something different, so we had Italian not like I can’t cook pasta!

We had our dinner at a ‘renowned’ restaurant,called Pasta Bravia. Why the apostrophes you ask? Well, it’s because I haven’t heard of it, ever. You might think I must be living under a stone as they have a whole wall of awards! Some awards include:

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