Oh, the agony~

Went for my dental appointment yesterday before work. Although I was a tad late, the dentist made me wait for over an hour for my turn! Letting 4 people and 1 girl who came after me go in first. Truth be told, I was royally pissed. I honestly would not have cared much except that I needed to get back to work!

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Now it just feels weird

My man was away for the weekend, so this typically means me in my pajamas, with unwashed hair, playing Team fortress 2 all day. For two days. But not all is play though, time has come to tighten braces yet again.

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Braceface Month 2 and 3

Ok, I get it. I totally forgot to blog about my braces. Honestly, I’m so used to it that I actually forgot that they were there. Even the last braces appointment didn’t hurt. I was bracing myself, as winter is coming, having to be on soft diet, the few days after tightening, but that, luckily didn’t happen.

I did, however, manage to see the face of my ever enigmatic dentist! To be honest, i have never seen his face as it was always hidden behind a surgical mask. Then i had to ask him if diving would affect the braces, with regards to air bubbles and shit. Paranoia much? Pardon, but i needed to hear it from a real dentist!

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Braceface Day 3

Ok, maybe i was too gung-ho in the beginning. Totally regretted saying that it doesn’t work. I woke up on the 2nd say to a shredded mouth and soreness beyond words. I couldn’t handle anything more solid than mashed potatoes, so have been on a liquid diet for about 3 days.

I know the whole deal about having to put orthodontic wax when a particular bracket is annoying, but thing is, I can’t figure out which exact bracket it is!

And the soreness, oh my gosh, the soreness, i had to sit through seeing my boyfriend and friends chewing burgers, fries and steak while i ate only mashed potatoes. On a positive note, I can kinda feel the teeth moving, which means all this pain is going to be worth it. So i got that going for me, which is nice.

Braceface Day 1

So I went to extract my 4 teeth prior the braces date. Dr Pamela was my usual go-to, ever since she did my teeth examination for my scuba diving trip, my odontophobia is gone! So naturally, I went to her as i know she will do a great job with minimal pain.

The aftercare for tooth extraction was quite horrid: no hard food, no drinking from a straw etc. Saliva just makes the blood in the mouth look so much more dramatic that frankly, i got really scared. It was only after the second extraction did i find out a secret to stop the bleeding; wet Lipton tea bags. Like seriously! I was surprised to see the wound stop bleeding in just 20 mins!

A week later, I went to Dr Tan (whose my braces specialist) to get my brackets up. Was a bit disappointed that they only put the brackets for the teeth in the top row, without any wires! Without the wire, this means that treatment will delay a week as well.

Today, I finally got my braces up, wires included. I’m honestly kind of expecting it to be painful, but none, zilch. Felicia told me to wait till night, when it will hit full force. But so far, nothing, maybe a really tight feeling and where the wire ends are poking my cheeks, but that only hurts when I pout my lips.

I chose pink bands, coz i’m girly that way. Did’nt really have time to choose as the dental assistant was staring down at me while I decide which colour I would like, super stressful! I think i will have to think a month in advance to put for the next appointment.


Maybe I’ve been doing too much research, that I was expecting a ‘braces bag’, which seems to be really common in the US. Was a tad disappointed when I wasn’t given one. They also didn’t teach me how to brush or floss my teeth, which Felicia told me, will be taught in the next appointment, which is kinda FUCKED UP, as that means i will not be brushing or flossing right for the first month. Or maybe, i’m just paranoid much.

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Virgin Post

This is my first time posting on WordPress (been a blogspot supporter), after an almost 10 year hiatus.

I’m 23 going on 24 this year, currently in between jobs, another saying for unemployed and am living in sunny Singapore. I love reading (le bf calls me a bookworm and am the residential walking dictionary), speak 3.5 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish and Italian according to fluidity), am a University undergraduate for Tourism and Marketing,  and greatest love yet, Ballet.

In 2 weeks time will be my 2 year anniversary to the reintroduction to Ballet. Reintroduction you say? Yeap, REINTRODUCTION. Its actually kind of a family joke, since i actually started ballet when i was WAAAY younger, say about 4-5 years old? Meaning i had pre-primary training, but i stopped. not because the classes got cancelled or that my parents could no longer afford it, but because classes was changed to Saturday mornings and i was too friggin’ lazy to get up! Yeap, so if I were to say, continue and have not stopped, i would probably be a teacher by now. Way to go, past me. So I can say that i qualify to be called an adult beginner right?

I’ve recently did my Grade 8 RAD exam which really left me on tenterhooks the whole time I was at the exam venue. Talk about actually being able to warm up to the place was bullshit in my opinion. I would say that i could have done so much better if i was’nt so nervous that I feel like I’m about to pee in my pants (or tights) every 5 mins. I did do CSTD grade 4 (which everybody say its a great jump since its equivalent to jumping 6 grades?) about 2 years ago, but it was NOTHING compared to this past exam. Stressful? But of course. Worth it? DEFINITELY. This past experience has not only allowed me to make new friends, but also understand myself, physically and emotionally better.

2 more weeks till term break ends, and I’m already itching to get into them pointe shoes. Intermediate exam this time? I sure hope i’m ready, at least if le teacher aka le Godsis says I am.

So to end this, two last questions which every aspiring ballerinas will ask: Jumper or Turner? Definitely Turner. Adage or Allegro? Adage is the bombdiggity!

its 2.30am and i’m out!