Australia – conquering land, air, and sea. Part II

This is the second installation to a three part series. Please see the first part if you haven’t.

Day 4: Arlie Beach -> Cardwell, Cairns

Woke up bright and early to get ready for another long drive to Cairns.

As we left quite early in the morning, we managed to reach Cairns just before sunset.

After settling in at our AirBnB, we decided to go the night market just 10 mins drive away.

Hop, Skip, Swim, and Jump

After walking around, we decided to treat ourselves to a good meal, since there is only so much junk food we can take. We wanted to share a few entrees as none of us were brave enough to eat a whole piece of the more ‘exotic’ offerings. Wanting a more ‘wholesome(?)’ experience, we ordered Oysters, Seafood platter, and Hop Skip Swim and Jump, which was a platter of Kangaroo, Crocodile, Barramundi, and Emu meat.

For those of you who hasn’t tried these meat before, here’s a break down of the tastes (if I remembered correctly):

Kangaroo – unseasoned beef.

Crocodile – texture of chicken, but the taste of pork

Emu – texture of beef, taste of chicken

Seafood Platter

Day 5: Cairns

We were out early this morning as we were going to dive the Great Barrier Reef! This has been a dream of mine ever since I got my diving license. Of course, the dive was amazing with hardly any currents.

To be totally honest, I’ve done my research (as usual), and was freaking out as I realized it was Jellyfish season. Getting stung would totally suck as it would have f**ked up the rest of the trip.

Nonetheless, I kept this all at the back of my head and just go with it. We decided to dive with ProDive Cairns as recommended by a friend of mine.

The experience was totally different. I was certainly not expecting a dive boat with air-con and carpet flooring! Talk about lux!

So there is something I have to admit. I got totally seasick in between the first and second dive. I vomited so much and felt so queasy after, that I wanted to skip the second dive. But my man, he managed to persuade me into going for it anyway, and I’m glad he did.




Hawksbill Turtle

My man and one of our mates

Hellow there!

New Gull Coco mask that my dad got me


On the second dive, I had some difficulty clearing my mask. Not sure if it is because I had a new mask on, and wasn’t used to a low volume mask. I did the usual, flooding the mask and all, but the water in the mask just wouldn’t clear. I started to look for my man with my flooded mask, to try to ascend and clear it manually. Who knew, my man was busy taking photos of got knows what.

After swimming towards him (yes, with the water clogged mask), I dragged him up with me. We weren’t too deep (I hope), about 8m, so I just ascended as quickly as I can before finally clearing the damn water, and descending again. I didn’t really dare to clear my mask after, if it fogs, it fogs, which kinda hindered the experience.

By the third dive, I have put so much spit and anti-fogging solution that I didn’t have to clear it once!

After going back to land, we decided that we shall eat in that night to save some money. Eating out ain’t cheap in Aussieland man. So we found our way to Woolworths and bought a bunch of groceries.

The guys cook, the girl watch

Menu for the night: Pollo e Funghi Pomodoro della pasta (trying to sound fancy saying chicken and mushroom pasta in tomato), KFC,and grilled sausages

We had an early night as we had a 23 hours drive back to Cairns which all 3 drivers were dreading.

Day 6: Cairns -> Townsville, Campaspe, Coorada, Miles

The drivers all agreed to take a 6 hour rotation each and to take a different route from how we got to Cairns from Gold Coast. We were almost driving non-stop before our first stop at Townsville for lunch. Breakfast was just the leftovers from last night’s dinner (we had waaaay too much food. Note to self: 1 packet of pasta can cook more than 4 person’s share).



It was almost non-stop driving when we hit some Savanna-esque scenery. There were giant ant hills everywhere. It was quite a sight to behold, but don’t the farmers think it might be a problem? Anyway, half way through the journey, we had to make a stop as we saw camels!



Soon, it was night and we had to make a stop for dinner. As there was no towns anywhere near, we decided to just eat at a truckstop that serves microwaved food. To be fair, the food served was really quite good, but the price is what you will get at a cafe here in Singapore. Maybe the lack of civilization nearby is what drove the price up. It was also at this truckstop, that we found out that the new president of the US is now Donald Trump, which led to quite a heated conversation among the truckers.

After a food and toilet break, we were back on the road, and I was soon sleepy due to food coma. Suddenly, I felt the road getting bumpy and had to wake up. That was around 11PM already, and realised that we had went off-road!

I thought my man had taken a wrong turn, as throughout the journey from Gold Coast to Cairns, it had been the smooth roads of the expressway. I was certainly not expecting to go off-road. Thank God we had decided to rent an SUV or I would have no idea how we would have made it through the rough terrain. I then proceed to triple check the GPS, and indeed, we were on the right track! Being super paranoid, a million scenarios raced through my mind, including scenes from ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘Hills have Eyes’. I couldn’t wait to get off this road, but to my dismay, it was over 121km! I was truly thankful that my man had experience driving off-road. So people, if you decide to go on the same route as I did, be prepared.

From the other pictures, you guys should have known that we have an Indian friend, and it was also this friend that started making fun of the scenarios playing in my head, by saying that he might be the first to get murdered. Just when things cannot get any bumpier (pun intended), we found that we have only a half tank of gas left.

Thank heavens for Eco-mode for this vehicle, as I wouldn’t have want to guess what would happen if the gas tank went dry in this place. There was no cell signal as well (despite having wifi), so I couldn’t send my dad back home my location (I was really freakn’ out ok?). Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep at all until I was back unto smooth roads, with my eyes darting between the blackness outside, the counting down of kilometers on the GPS, and the gas tank.



By the time we got back on the main road, it was dawn. I don’t usually see the sunrise (not a morning person), so seeing the sunrise here, it was truly motivational.

The relief when we finally found a town with a petrol station!


Freezing morning in Miles

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the 3rd installment!

Signing off~


Australia – Conquering Land, Air, and Sea. Part I

The exact route we took

It has been about 3 weeks since I got back from this epic journey. However, I returned home to an ever growing pile in the in-tray and never-ending emails, it feels like punishment for enjoying life. Anyway, I’ve finally graduated and part of the celebrations (or lackthereof), my university mates planned a trip to Australia, with my man tagging along.

The planning stage (including relevant bookings) took about 2 months, for a 9 days road trip from Gold Coast, all the way to Cairns. As there might be too many photos, I decided to break this into 3 parts.

Day 1: Singapore ->Gold Coast, Currumbin, Yatala, Hervey Bay

We took a night flight from Singapore to Gold Coast. As I was working the day of the flight, I did a mad rush back home, had a quick dinner, and had a mad rush to the airport. So to be honest, I was really tired by the time I check in.

But the beauty of night flights are that you get to sleep on board, and it wasn’t all that full. So yes, I manage to stretch out over 3 seats to sleep. Although not the most peaceful due to the turbulence and the constant “ding!”, asking passengers to wear on their seat belts.

Upon landing, we had to grab our rental car, and our adventure starts! We needed to eat as there wasn’t any meals on the plane (woes of budget travel), so we just stopped at a random bakery just outside the airport. My first meal in Australia was a meat pie which something new to me as the gravy was so watery. Homegirl was expecting Shepard’s pie dryness. It didn’t take long before I was making a mess and decide to just give up on it aka my man to finish it.

First stop of the trip, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. To be completely honest, my travelling party and I thought that this place was a park which was free entry to anyone and not a zoo (pictures are so darn deceiving). Even so, we paid for the admission, which was around Aud$50/pax. To me, it was so worth it though!

I wish to live like koalas

Bleeding heart Pigeon. So apt!

Trying my best to get a selfie

There was so much to see, that I wasn’t expecting to walk so damn much. Remember when I said that we thought this was a park, well, our initial plan was to stay here for about 2hours and then head to rainbow beach, but what fools we were. We stayed from 9AM till about 4PM before deciding to leave, since we had a 4 hours drive to Hervey Bay.

Is a domesticated Dingo still considered a Dingo? Or just a really large dog?

Their fur man, so soft….

One of the reasons why I love this place is that they have free roaming Kangaroos! I know, there are other zoos in Australia that might have the same concept, butthe guides here are so friendly too, they kept dishing out so many interesting facts to us; such as: did you know that the female Kangaroo can choose when they intend to give birth? Talk about convenience.

Next stop before Hervey Bay, is the famous Yatala Pie Shop! Located in between Gold Coast and Brisbane, I had to stop for this as my dad could not stop raving about it ever since he knew I was going to Australia.

Steak and Mushroom

What my dad failed to tell me was how big the serving was. I personally, could not finish it, and my travelling party was by the end, struggling to finish it. As with the first pie I had in Currumbin, this pie turned into a goopy mess after I was 1/4 way through with it. Worst part was, we had this to go (eating it in the car) as we were in a rush to be at Hervey Bay. Overall, it was really good, there’s something about a steaming hot pie on a windy day.

By the time we reached Hervey Bay Motel, its was about 9:30PM. We got a shock however, when we saw a sign at the receptionist that say “Close at 9:00PM”. We tried our luck pressing the door bell, and thank heavens,  a guy came out to receive it. Weirdly enough, it seems like he was waiting for us, as I did not even need to say my name, he knew who I was and handed us the key. The exterior of the hotel reminded me of the Bates Motel, but it seemed like the guys really liked the place as the rooms were clean and comfy.

Had a walk to the beach just across the road, and out to the pier, and there was this strange wailing sound. One of my mates actually thinks it might be whale song!

Day 2: Hervey Bay -> Childers, Cordalba, Rockhampton, Arlie Beach

Woke up bright and early the next day as we had a 9 hours drive ahead of us. Had a quick breakfast of toasted bread and Vegemite (acquired taste much), had a short walk to the beach just opposite the hotel, and we were off!

Enjoying the sea breeze of Hervey bay

Breakfast at Childers

There was a lot to see on the roads, of course we depended on the GPS a lot. Luckily we rented a portable wifi from Changi Airport so we had unlimited wifi throughout the trip.

Farms lined the roads of Cordalba

We drove past Rockhampton, Beef capital of Australia. Much as I wanted to try a steak here, there wasn’t much time. We do however had time for some photo taking.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Just how gorgeous is this place??

Lucky there were rest stops along the way ( not all with toilets though) to allow change of drivers and rest, so the drive was not all that bad. There were even road signs advising you to take a break from the drive.

Driving at night was quite scary at first, since there were no street lamps on the highway, and my wild imagination does not help one bit. However, we soon got used to it, and it turns out, the 3 guys much prefer driving at night!

Heck, it was so dark that you cannot even make out what was beyond the sides of the road! But just looking at the stars, *sigh* , so beautiful.

By the time we reach Arlie beach, it was close to midnight and we were looking forward to much needed rest. To our dismay, our AirBnB was in a really disgusting state. Empty bottles of wine in the kitchen, cooked food in the rubbish bin, bed was clearly not made, and towels were on the floor.

I quickly contacted the owner, letting her know the state of the house, along with pictorial evidence, while 2 of our mates went out on the road again to hopefully find an motel that we can crash in for the night since it will be impossible to get the cleaner in past midnight.

When finding a motel with vacancy proved futile, we decided to just crash for the night with some towels spread out on the bed, as we had an exciting activity to do the next day!

Day 3: Arlie Beach

Woke up early to go for a heart stopping activity. Yes, I went skydiving! Another one off the bucket list!

One of my travelling mates recommended we dive with Skydive Australia since his friend survived *laughing morbidly*. I got one of the funnier instructors, who told me just before the dive that he has jumped a grand total of: 14 times. He kept making jokes, some of which were kind of lame, but it worked to ease of the tension. Taking the plane ( which was about 20 minutes) still didn’t strike my anxiety, I thought I might be braver than I thought I was. After the first guy jumped off, my heart stopped.

What was I thinking? Signing up to jump off a friggin’ plane 14,000ft up in the air?! The paranoia in me kicked in and a thousand ‘what ifs’ flew through my mind. The only way I could calm myself was to chant the Risk Assessment: Real risk VS Perceived risk. As I was the last to jump, I had to see my friends one by one jump off the plane. Before I protest, the instructor pushed me off the plane, and I was free falling.

I can’t really describe the feeling, and I honestly do not know what I was thinking at that point of time. All I could think about was ‘smile for the camera’ since the instructor had a GoPro strapped to his hand. Maybe it was a mixture of shock and all the expletives coming out of my mouth.

Anyway, the instructor told me towards the end that he dived for 14,ooo times.


But the view, oh Lord, was amazing! This is probably one of the best ways to see Whitsunday islands. The hang time (after the parachute was deployed) was about 5-10mins, during which I had a short Geography lesson from the instructor. I was thankful that I did not throw up midflight (if you remember what happened in Boracay during Parasailing), as that would have been a disaster for people below us. Imagine having a romantic walk on the beach and vomit just rains all over you.


When we finally reach the ground (I cannot stop thanking God for land), I gave my man a hug, seeing how we both survived this. Aftermath, my legs couldn’t stop shaking, and nausea hit me bad. 

When we got back to our AirBnb, the cleaner was here, and was so nice to leave a box of chocolates and a card to apologise for the mess. Even the owner offered to refund us for the stay which was awesome!

After resting my heart for a while while lounging around our AirBnb, we decided to go take a walk around the place.


Yes! I got ya!

Cheap food, with free booze.

So that concludes the first part of the Aussie series.



Australia – conquering land, air, and sea. Part III

This is the third installation to a three part series, so please read Part 1 and Part 2.

Day 7: Miles -> Gold Coast

Returning to Gold Coast also marks the end of our epic road trip. It was bittersweet, since we all can’t wait to just get our asses off the car and unto a bed. From Miles, it was another 1-2 hours drive before hitting that ever so familiar M1 expressway that we took from Gold Coast and driving through Brisbane.

While on the way to our AirBnB, we saw Main beach and we knew we had to turn in to check it out. You cannot imagine how refreshing it was for such a change in scenery; from the dry Savanna to the salty winds of the Beach.

After having fun on the beach, we needed to get a much needed breakfast, since our last proper meal was the microwaved sandwich at the truck stop.


More tradish Bacon and Eggs for me

As we still had quite a few hours before we can check-in to our AirBnB, we decided to just walk around Broadbeach.

We wanted to check out Burleigh Heads lookout point, but really sadly, we couldn’t find the place. We were searching for about an hour to two using Google Maps before deciding to give up. We also wanted to checkout Skypoint, which is one of the tallest building to check out the scenery, but when we saw the price, we were like ‘nah’. After 2 failed missions, we decided to just go to our AirBnb.

The view from our AirBnB was amazing! We could easily see the beach and all the surfers doing their thang. As we had a really long day, we decided to just head to the beach for some quality rest and relaxation. Dinner was just catching up on some fast food such as Dominoes and Red Rooster (which we honestly have no idea how to eat since we ordered a whole chicken and there were stuffing in there. Weren’t very sure if we were suppose to eat the stuffing though).

Day 8: Gold Coast Universal Studios

We wanted to go to DreamWorld, but due to the tragedy that struck, DreamWorld was closed. So we decided to go to MovieWorld instead, since theme parks are one of the main attractions when in Gold Coast.

All ready to conquer the coasters!

Funny story about the red coaster in the above picture. While we were queuing for the entrance tickets, we saw people screaming from the red coaster, and I told my friends: I am not going on that.  So once we were in, I saw there was a Super Man ride and just made a beeline towards it. Soon I was strapped to the seats. It was a slow ride, since the ride took us around some displays and props; the story goes that the subway has collapsed and we needed to get out. Before I can think about anything else, we were zooming upwards super fast (or “Super Man” fast as what the speakers were blasting)! I had no time for regrets.

When the ride was finally over, I had no idea what the hell has happened, my legs were jelly and I was dizzy. When we got out and looked, yes, this was the red coaster that I said right at the start that I wasn’t going to get on. We also learnt from the other tourists that the Super Man ride was probably to scariest here.

My guys were telling me ” you survived skydiving, what is roller-coaster to you?” Oh well, I did not regret not taking the Arkham Asylum coaster, even though my friend did say that it wasn’t as scary as the Superman ride.

This was on my ‘must try’ food list; it was really quite nice

This Flume ride, is seriously one of the best I’ve every been on! I was expecting a normal straightforward Flume ride, but this, this was far from straight forward. It is probably one of my favourite rides as well.

Who can miss the parade?

For Singaporeans of my generation, Scooby’s Spooky Coaster is almost the same as the Panasonic ride in old Escape theme park at Downtown East. To be short, this is an indoor coaster which is completely in the dark. I was not expecting this to be honest as I saw a lot of children rushing to go on this ride. What I got was a really fast coaster that was really rough as well! Our seating arrangements was kinda wrong as we’ve got 2 heavy weights on the same side of the car so I was fearing for my life every time the coaster made a sharp turn! 

After a really tiring day, we decided to go to the famous Surfer’s Paradise for their night market. I was expecting to be able to try some street food, but unfortunately, all they sell there are jewelry and knick knacks. It was quite entertaining nonetheless.

Day 9

This was the last day of our epic journey in Australia, and man, I’m starting to love this place so much. The dread to go back home to my flooding inbox *sighs*. Not wanting to waste a single minute, I woke up extremely early, 5AM, to be exact, to do what I came to Gold Coast to do, surf!

Total spending:


Hervey Bay Motel: $35.50/pax

AirBnB at Arlie Beach: $83.75/pax

AirBnB at Cairns: $65.50/pax 

AirBnB at Gold Coast: $79.50/pax

Car rental: $99.83/pax (not incl. petrol)

Air Tickets: $446.70/pax

Skydiving: $485.83/pax (incl. photos + video)

Diving: $328.20pax

Movieworld: $79/pax

As usual, a few tips before ending off:

  1. When planning a road trip, ensure that all drivers bring along their driving license. There may also be additional driver charge. Also, always get car insurance.
  2. Do ensure to follow traffic rules, since their traffic cameras are really well hidden.
  3. Rental cars usually does not come with the equipment to pay tolls. So you might have to go online to make the payment.


Khao Lak,Similans Islands LOB, Phuket

I’ve just gotten back from a holiday, and i’m suffering from terrible withdrawal symptoms. For some unknown reason, WordPress seemed to have changed their formatting. Can’t say that I’m digging it though.

Anyway, since this was planned this trip with a bunch of divers, its no doubt we will plan this trip centered around diving! Of course, me being a shutterbug, and my other girls being photographers, brace yourself for lotsa photos! This is also gonna be a reeeaalllyy long post.

Continue reading

Goodbye 2014, 2015 is my bi**h now

One would agree, that 2014 has been terrible so far, and boy am I glad that its over. Though I have gained many, others have lost greatly. 2014 is for one, the worst year for aviation history, as well as for Malaysia. From MH370 being lost and not found till now, MH17 getting blown up over Ukraine, flooding in Taman Negara, Malaysia and now the AirAsia flight crashing at sea, killing hundreds. The Ebola outbreak has reached a death toll of thousands, followed by Typhoon Hagupit in Phillipines, leaving thousands homeless. I have to be really grateful to Singapore, for being my shelter despite all the resentment and culture dilution.

Much condolences to the families of the victims, my heart goes out to you guys.

However, the new year is coming in less than 24 hours. My company felt that it will be a good idea for all staff to do a short write up of their achievements for the year 2014 and resolutions for 2015, and for me to take on the futile task of creating a yearbook. Cliché much? Baby I know. Resolutions are mostly broken by February. However, I can’t help being sucked into the fun of creating resolutions. So here are mine. Continue reading

Measure life by countries, not by years

I have been playing with the idea of using this blog, not only for ballet and braces, but also for my travels. I am a wanderluster; 100% guilty. I am the type of girl who is willing to spend most of her paycheck on a getaway to some island and come back penniless. Although i do keep a scrap book at home, which is frankly outdated, as I’m lazy, too busy to print photos and stick’em in there, complete with fanciful cutouts from overpriced
coloured/textured paper.

This blog, will not only serve to keep me looking busy at the office, reminded of the experiences and people that I have gained and met, hopefully, it can help other readers too, who are hoping to go to one of those places that I have been as well.

Feel free to comment =)

Bali: The island of the Gods

Bali: The island of the Gods

So i’m finally back to reality, facing the sharks of the office and steadying my breath as my work email populates to the hundreds.

Bali has been both terrible and awesome for me, though more awesome than terrible. I’ve gained so much more experiences than i would ever expect. From seeing my first shark while diving to capsizing and being stuck under a boat during white water rafting. Its mind-blowing how much more i would have experienced if I stayed just a little longer.

When pops first told me that we will be going to Bali at the end of the year, my alter ego, the researcher, went on full blast mode. Researching down to the tiniest detail of how much beer would cost. I can remember how i almost got a coronary just from seeing the prices of activities, not exactly a ‘eat,pray,love’ experience.

So here it is, as I pen down my thoughts, for both memories and information, a blow by blow of how Bali has treated me and my pocket.

After an extremely tiring midnight flight, we arrived at our villa, aptly named Atmadeva Villa, which means liberated in Hindu.


How can one not feel liberated, waking to this every morning?

Despite the many creatures that we’ve found, mostly spiders, rats, frogs and geckos, which I read somewhere, means Bali welcomes you, our stay was somewhat good.

IMG_4300 IMG_4301

After we settled in, we went out for a walk around to sight see (which is mainly consisting of shopping malls) before settling in for the night.

The next day, we woke up bright and early to go diving at Tulamben. Drive there took about 2 hours, which I have to admit, would have been a sight if we were not all falling asleep. Bernie was going on about a Christianity rant that pops was putting him through.

Was amazed at how the ladies here can carry 15kg scuba tanks on their heads and one more on their shoulders with no problems at all. Salutes to them.


Anyway, we went with Bali Scuba Masters. our dive instructor and Made, the owner of the dive centre was super friendly and professional. They made our safety their number 1 priority, which is what I was looking out for.

10868287_10153404515597586_8815008875824993342_n  1979662_10153404515512586_5892975880383395887_n10846319_10153404515307586_8567186396898782372_n

So off we go, for our first dive, and personally, my first wreck dive, at the USAT Liberty wreck. This wreck is also one of the most famous sunken ship wrecks in the world. I’ll let the pictures tell you why

.10868058_10153404517012586_1145193719866324897_n 1511208_10153404515857586_7626241358023014312_n 1503483_10153404516107586_5655588582177385249_n

This place is just filled with camwhoring fishes!


The BF started praise and worship underwater.


1743596_10153404517517586_6355386711338220747_n 1469893_10153404517837586_7453975571329301912_n 10422928_10153404518067586_8463204372535820167_n 10846237_10153404518462586_7295915990728581789_n

If anyone has any idea what this fish/worms are, please do tell me. I am dying to know!


On the same day, we went for our very first night dive! I can see so many scuba nazis already shaking their heads, going tsk tsk tsk, since majority of our dive group are only open water certified. However, our guide split us into 2 groups, which is 2 diver to one DM, so we felt really safe, even though my dive torch died halfway through the dive.


It is also here, i saw my first Napolean fish aka Humphead wrasse! The DMs were fast to point out to us, so we all manage to see it before it swam into the darkness of the wreck.

downloadimage from google images

Although there was nothing much to see in the darkness, we managed to catch a glimpse of the night life under the sea. Made, our DM, made us all kneel on the sea bed, (which brought back memories of the open water course at Tioman), then stuck his torch into the ground, and lo behold, a million stars swirling in the light of his torch! It kinda looks like the lava lamps with gold speckles in them, except waaaaaay prettier. We also started waving our hand around, and sparks just seem to fly out of our fingertips! Bernie later went to google and found out that it was the planktons trying to get attention of predators to eat whatever is startling them. On hindsight, it was not such a good idea.

2nd day dive was at Padang Bai aka Blue lagoon. It mainly consists of coral gardens, which itself, is a sight to behold!


My very first shark!! This, if i’m not wrong, is the white tip shark which was way too majestic. It is miraculous we saw it, since i read that they are mostly nocturnal.


10364002_10153404525092586_1277394852499124669_n 11578_10153404525242586_8742601312578549721_n 10850121_10153404526032586_109732780376406860_n 10300896_10153404526147586_903436487451469789_n 10846296_10153404526407586_4582041192759305973_n 10858427_10153404526447586_7245618502987202842_n 16428_10153404526727586_6066962591619961485_n 1503353_10153404527577586_1057328284952285051_n 10394817_10153404528762586_353797667330165764_n 10369129_10153404528957586_688046544572527827_n

Again, thanks to our wonderful DM, we managed to catch a shot at the beautiful scorpion fish.

10849967_10153404529192586_361939197731318800_n 10526041_10153404522692586_7844455465161767088_n 10689584_10153404522787586_3033016056277079653_n 10408625_10153404523002586_3193986310622632170_n 10857769_10153404523267586_6167044063418480930_n

Bernie wanted to take a pic of him upside down, which resulted in him almost hitting the corals in the next pic.




Giant puffer!


Underwater selfie with the buddy.

After our underwater escapade, the next day, was yet another exciting day, and also another first! White water rafting in Bali with my favourite people turned out to be full of hilarious drama, I feel we could write a book with the experience gained! The whole journey, merrily down a class 3+ river was about 2hours long, with a distance of 16km traveled.

10354873_10153404531547586_6572992143013269877_n 10847926_10153404530902586_8280436600272362233_n 10857762_10153404530972586_6903352676821363023_n1722923_10153404532327586_1603069797554846148_n 1459087_10153404531952586_2030210531830721772_n 1384325_10153404532092586_6503100511094124390_n 10845995_10153404532142586_7665880002544789554_n

To be completely honest, I fell off the raft twice, with the last the most epic, and the waterfall, oh don’t get me started on the water. We would have asked for an encore if that was even possible. So here it is, a blow-by-blow of how we unglamourously capsized, with my dear buddy Bernie thinking he got a concussion. To be completely honest, everything seems to be moving in slow motion, but yet, my mind was blank, just leaving everything up to God. Bernie claims to have seen his life flash before his eye. Talk about melodramatic . My camera, sadly, has no enough memory left to do a video of it first hand. After the bf tumbled out of the raft, everything seems to go downhill from there.

1506473_10153414295727586_8012894450525314847_n10882105_10153414296077586_1513727325332670125_n 10305259_10153414296167586_2928338227575019812_n10675659_10153414296607586_4697164670346860128_n10881515_10153414297532586_862048052433729101_n1506844_10153414312422586_1285361292758930004_n

Bernie and me were trapped under the raft for a couple of minutes, not knowing if anyone knew we were trapped underneath. I can vividly remember how it was dark, with the cool river water just splashing everywhere. I tried to keep my feet up, hoping that someone would somehow catch a sight of my leg and knew we were trapped under, just bidding our time.



The look on his face after we got saved, the struggle is real!

The Bf somehow drifted and was saved by another group, filled with English people. Forever grateful to these nice people, maybe i should have offered them tea =p



All in all, we did good and felt good. A few scratches on the knees and lost slippers is not going to stop me from doing it all over again.

Back at our villa, we decided to do a mini impromptu photoshoot with the gorgeous padi fields as our backdrop

1507196_10153404537727586_6212050549461699229_n 1508516_10153404537827586_3357492524579249971_n   10155601_10153404538477586_3166016518808073332_n 1511208_10153404538532586_4077154688757068008_n 10670285_10153404538297586_8954056279128288169_n10802037_10153404538437586_7068193005305966246_n10846033_10153404538312586_2539278723793185044_n

How can i ever go on a vacation without the compulsory stretch. Bernie here tries to mimic me with great difficulty. Time to work on your flexibility dude.


And finally ending the night with tantalising and mouth-watering BBQ dinner cooked by the staff of the villa themselves.




Some last minute advise for those who wish to visit; thanks to much research and experience:

  • Although Bali makes use of both currencies Rupiah and USD, it is advisable to bring more Rupiah, since most can be paid in Rupiah, and most things are cheaper in Rupiah
  • Although there are many cabs around, most of them don’t like to switch on their meters. From what i heard, only choose Blue bird cabs. It’ll be best to just hire a driver with a car as it is much more economical since travel between attractions can be a few hours apart
  • ALWAYS bargain at night markets, and only do so if you really have the intention to buy.
  • Bring a Sarong along if you intend to go visiting temples.
  • There is a payment of USD 35 for Visa on arrival. People who have bought or from ASEAN countries, can skip this. Spend as much as you like, but i suggest to put aside Rupiah 200,000 for the airport tax upon departure.
  • Too many zeros to count? For Singaporeans, just divide by 10,000, or just mentally cancel 4 zeros off the back and you get it in estimated SGD.

Costing of the trip (click on headers for links):

Air tickets: SGD280/pax on Jetstar

Villa: SGD68/pax for 5 nights

Diving: USD215/pax

White water rafting: SGD27.50/pax

Near-death experiences: Priceless (so cliche)

Bali; you have been great for and to me.

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